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Security Tag Stuck on Shirt?

Unfortunately when I got home, the shirt I bought still has the security tag on it. How would I take it off?

If you can’t take it back to the store with your receipt immediately and have the store remove it, the best thing to do is put some sort of heat (lamp or light bulb) on the back part (where the metal is), let it sit for a couple of minutes, and it should slide apart.

EDIT: If it’s an ink tag, DO NOT try the above method, because heat will melt the ink and will run onto the item of clothing and ruin it.

Just take it back to the store with the receipt and explain to them they forgot to take the tag off. Most stores that I’ve dealt with in this situation are more than happy to do it as long as you’ve got the receipt.


Are you using the term “bought” loosely?

This is your first post?

Anyway, you have to search your home city for where the junkies hang out. Find them and ask this question. They ordinarily perform this operation, as shoplifting and reselling at a reduced price is a common “hustle.”

[quote]eengrms76 wrote:
Are you using the term “bought” loosely?[/quote]


I’d be careful with that tag if I were you. It’s just like the tag on your mattress, you can’t remove it under penalty of law. The minute it’s off, the Feds will come busting down your door. Leave the job to the professionals.

[quote]Mr. Clean & Jerk wrote:
This is your first post?

i was thinking the same thing. why did you come to T-Nation to find out how to remove security tags.

You must be the most uninventive fuck I’ve ever encountered.

Most likely its a sensortmatic pin. What you want to do is get a match or a dremel and either grind or burn off the bulge on the larger/longer piece of the tag. Inside is a clamp like piece of metal which puts pressure on the pin from the smaller piece. Either muscle it out of alignment, or use two pairs of pliers to bend the large piece into an arch, which will release the tension on the small metal clamps, allowing you to release the pin, and remove the tag.

Use your goddamn brain for thirty fucking seconds before you post a thread.

[quote]drumboy957 wrote:
Unfortunately when I got home, the shirt I bought still has the security tag on it. How would I take it off?[/quote]

I guess you didn’t stop when the security alarms went off once you left the store “AFTER YOU BOUGHT IT”.

as long as it’s not an ink tag (mentioned above) just take a pair of vice grips on either side and pull hard. They come apart fairly easily.

If it is an ink tag then you have to go back to the store, or have a giant stain on the item.