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Securing Extra Weight To Dumbells

Any one got any bright ideas to add some extra plates to a set weight dumbell?

I currently have some 30kg and some 40kg but would like to bridge the gap between the 2 without buying more dumbells.

I have lots of small plates 1kg 2kg 2.5kgs so planning on strapping them to the 30s to create what I need.

Duct tape would obviously work but would be a pain to quickly change the weights.

I was thinking of some strong rubber bands.
Do they sell any for this specific purpose? I have looked about and not had any success in finding anything.

Any cool solutions?

Not a direct answer but you should really look into a set like power blocks. The ones I have go from 5 lbs to 90 lbs and everything in between by 2.5 lb increments. not the cheapest things but the best investment I’ve ever made for the garage gym.

My fear with what you are trying to do is a smashed toe.

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Yeah I have been looking at them waiting for a cheap set to crop up but just can’t justify the money at the minute. Would certainly save space.

Would mostly be using them for pressing so toes will be safe, face not so much but I’m not adverse to training in a helmet! Lol

How many reps are you currently doing and what exercises are you planning to do this with? Imo it would make more sense to just do higher reps with the 30s until you can do the 40s for more.

Do what you think is best, but it would be safer and more efficient I’m my mind to do more volume with what you have

That’s the route I’ve been currently taking. It’s on incline press, can hit 18-20 with the 30kgs on first set. So a normal pressing session with them over 4 sets is 19/16/14/13 if I take each set close to failure. I’m working on getting that up to 4x20 but feel like I need some heavier pressing.

The problem with the 40s is getting into position. I can get 6 or so on the first set with a shaky lift into position but after that getting them into position sucks and I drop to only a couple of reps if I get them up at all. If I had assistance getting them up I think I could probably do 5x5, don’t have that option though as train alone at home.

As I would like to press and hit straight sets of 8-12 occasionally I feel like some 35s would fit the bill.

Don’t currently have option to barbell press.

Just to add I do pre exhaust from time to time and that puts me in the desired range with the 30s or less in the incline press. So I can certainly train around it but would like the option to do a bit more of a standard progression, I like variety.

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I have found no good way to do this. I have tied them on the handle like an earthquake bar with parachute cord. Duct tape sucks!

Earth quake style sounds ridiculous! Lol.

I do have a way but it’s a bit extreme so will try a few other things first.

Drilling and tapping the 30s and then drilling and counter sinking the plates and using some Alan head bolts will certainly do it and I have access to all the tools needed at work. Just a fair bit of work!

Like I said… no “good” way to do.
Drilling and tapping might work!


Can you lower the incline a bit to help with the kickback?

I use the lowest incline setting already buddy. I prefer a low incline to stop my delts taking over.

I’m finding that chasing the higher rep targets of 4x20 is very dependent on how I’m feeling so that’s leading to some frustration in progressing. Lower rep sets don’t seem as up and down performance wise.

Brazing should work pretty well, you just have to make sure the metal is shiny clean and do a nice preheat on the plates, slow cool down.

Wood clamp it on. If you have quick release clamps it should be quick. Assuming you’re not adding 45lbs and you can position things so they dont get too much in the way

I also see a cable tie solution depending on the type of handles you have

Do your dumbbells use metal plates? You can get little magnetic weights for micro loading. Otherwise you might just need bigger dumbbells

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If you’ve already got a heap of smaller plates like you said, just grab some decent spin lock handles. I’ve got a set with a long thread so I can load 60kg in 5kg plates on em.

Was hoping to maintain the adjustability though, so I can still use them 30s.

Will look at what clamps are available thanks

They have rubber coating and a plastic cap on the end, maybe if I take that off magnets could be an option.

Would have to purchase more 5kg plates as it’s mainly 2kgs that I have left over and will end up 4ft long with all them on! Lol

I have a couple of sets of spin locks already set up as 20kg and 10kg.

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Is there a way you can set these up to use band tension to modify the effective weight? That might be a decent way to limit your reps with the lighter dumbbells. Getting into position may be difficult though.

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You could use ankle or wrist weights.


ohhhhh I got another idea!

Stop working out for awhile, and eat like shit. Maybe like 3 months. Then, your 30kg weights will be hard to lift again!


Will have a play with trying to set that up with the dumbells. I think the trouble will be setting up so that the extra resistance is strong enough at the bottom of the movement so I get stronger from that position. I currently do an incline banded plate press which works very well. The resistance curve really overloads the triceps at lock out.

My bench has some bars under it to store dumbbells which work perfectly to attach bands so it’s certainly something I will have a play with.

Thanks, that is a pretty clever way to up the weight. Building bigger heavier forearms could work too!

Industrial Strength Velcro. I use this to keep the braking rubber on my shoes for street luge. They stay put, but allow me to change them out when I need to. If they can stay on during hard braking at over 150 kph then they’ll keep a small plate attached to a dumbbell.