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Secrets of Stretching

hi I wasnt quite sure were to post this question but this seemed most appropiate.

I have recently bought Tom Kurz’s secrets of stretching video and was wondering if anybody else has this and how they used the routines he shows as i’m not quite sure how to encorperate them into my week?


Tom Cruise is a scientology idiot.
Thomas KURZ is who you are talking about.
I assume you’d do a bit of stretching every day after a workout.

He gives pretty specific advice on how to incorporate them in the book. Dynamic stretching should be done for the appropriate number of reps in the morning (upon waking pretty much) and right before your workout (or another time in the day, if you don’t workout daily). Static stretching should be done after your workout, IIRC. Been a while since I read the static stretching part. Never really used the other two types of stretching (well, did use PNF stretching, was like static stretching on steroids).

Is PNF like isometric stretching?
Man, that stuff hurts! I believe it has benefits in strength, too. I certainly got a fair dose of DOMS from doing it.
Benefits are amazing though!

Yeah, the book gives pretty detailed instructions. If I remember correctly it gives “sample” workouts, too.
I highly suggest getting a copy, it seems to me that the video was only intended as a supplement to the book?

Once I get home (I’m at work now) I’ll thumb through the book and give you an idea, anyhow.

But what Otep said sounds right, except after workouts you’d be doing isometric stretching if you are including that, then doing static.

Are you trying to improve flexibility in any particular area, or just generally?

thanks the main thing that confused me is am i only ment to stretch after weights or am i ment to do seperate stretching sessions which i found to understand.

I warmup a little first before my first stretch.Warm muscle gives more.At the end of my workouts I have a trainer that streches me for about 25min.But I have been told that strechinh before the workout weakins the muscle group.I know Im only 14 but have great peple around me and it seem to be working since I started lifting a yr ago

@ TassieTaekwondo: Yeah, PNF stretching is isometric stretching, I think. Where you statically stretch the muscle to it’s max length, then isometrically tense it briefly (briefly meaning anywhere from 3-30 seconds, with anywhere from slight to incredible intensity) and then restretch it until you have unbelievable flexibility. It delivers incredible results. The main problem is recovery.

Not that it’s particularly hard to recover from, but that unlike regular static stretching which helps you recover from your regular workout, intense PNF stretching is kind of a workout in and of itself.