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Secrets of Strength and Development


Saw this over on rosstraining.com/blog... really good read:

"The Sandowplus site recently added another Bob Hoffman text.

The Secrets of Strength and Development was originally published in 1940, and then reprinted later in 1972. The book is now available to be read online at the link below:


Itâ??s definitely worth a look. As is often the case, the more you look back in time, the more you will realize that almost nothing from todayâ??s era is new."


Nice Find!




very nice find and worth printing to add to the library.
but looks like a photo scan and will not print well.
wonder if the hardcopy book is available?


Pages 23-24:

"In the past there have been instructors who did not practice what they preached, men who had never proven with their own bodies that their training methods were correct. And today we have a similar condition. Most of the people who are selling barbells and dumbells are ashamed to show a picture of their own physiques. They have ruined their own physiques through faulty training methods or have not succeeded in building a body that they dare to show as a physique photo. What results do you expect to obtain from men who have not proven the correctness of their teachings?"

Wow looks like they had similar fitness fads back then and the serious strength athletes at the time were just as upset about them as we are now...


Charles Poliquin once told me: "Christian, if you want to learn something new about training, read a book that is a hundred years old."




I wonder what type of fads they might have had back then, i mean uranium was used as a "health" product.