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Secret to Strength Training?

Saw this while looking through information on becoming a personal trainer.

I got a laugh out of it and thought I’d pass it along.

All of them look WAY too hardcore. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think I want to become a Stability Ball Trainer…does that make me gay?

Thats good stuff, how about a strength trainer that actually cares and knows how to get strong?

The fitness industry is like Chinese martial arts. It was so simple and minimal when it was first started. And it worked excellently. Then as the yrs go by, and “instant-gratties” start to poopulate, more “new” forms of the same style pop up with more and more sets with crazy names. Then a barbaric, muscular athlete from the west closes the gap, takes the kung fu man down and cuts off his air supply and manipulates the kung fu man into a pretzle. What is the kung fu man doing about it? Wondering how he is going to execute his revolutionary move of grasping the monkey’s fruit.

See the progression in fitness from simple to absurd that it loses it grand-ultimate effectiveness. Oh and the soy that is ingested.

I agree with chubs. Good analogy, by the way, bro. And yes, wanting to be a stability ball trainer DOES make you gay. Maybe the “Secret to Strength Training” is that you have to take it in the