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Secret to Getting Ripped: Change the Size Label



Has anyone else noticed this? I have a pair of "28" shorts to prove it.


Hopefully they start selling Medium shirts as XXL so that everyone can be swole too.

Joking aside, this is (at the same time) the dumbest AND smartest thing ever. I just can't believe that people think that eating a triple whopper and three orders of nuggets made them loose two pant sizes.

I just hate the thought of this because it screws you up when you're trying to buy clothes after/while losing weight it makes it damn near impossible to figure out what size to wear.


Well you could always try the clothes on before you buy them...just a thought.


Yeah, it is getting pretty ridiculous. It seems men's pants are now always at least 2" larger in the waist than the nominal size, and sometimes 4". Shirts are also now often larger than what would be traditionally expected for their labelled size.

It's not a practical problem: just one of those stupid things.


So, if you are happening to be going up in sizes, you're getting twice as swole.


uhh, what?

this sounds like the stupidest idea ever (in the long run)


Rico, I think you might be having problems with understanding given your brain's gone missing. Clothing has never been a straightforward industry, won't ever be.


I've noticed significant variability in different brands of pants that are the same size.

On another note, I never understood the use of numbers for woman's clothing. How the fuck can you be a size 0? Doesn't "zero" imply a non-present quantity?


DKNY 31" LEVIS 34" VERSACE 28" wtf... :S i dunno what size I really am.


This, helps me feel better about myself.