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It occurred to us that there a lot of neat little features here at T-Nation some newer readers may not know about yet. The site has a "clean" front page so it sometimes takes a click or two to see these features.

Here's a few:

  • If you're logged in, then you'll see a new training or nutrition tip every weekday in the Cool Tips section. But did you know that you can comment on those tips and discuss them? Yep, you can. Just click on "ARCHIVES" in the Cool Tips section. Now click on the tip and you can reply to it just like a forum post.

  • You can do the exact same thing with the Strong Words section!

  • Like those Powerful Images? Click on ARCHIVES in that section and you can see them all and bring up larger versions for your viewing pleasure.

  • Got some jackass bugging with you PMs (private messages, upper right hand corner for logged in users)? Click on "Ignore List" in your PM section and you won't have to hear from him again!

  • Want to know more about a certain Biotest supplement? Click on the T-Nation Store then click "more info" under the supplement you're interested in.

  • T-Nation now has a free newsletter! If you're signed up as a member so you can post, see the Cool Tips, etc., then you should get one every Friday. If you need to change your email addy, just click on "Customize" at the top of the page, then "save and edit profile."

  • If you click on any expert's name in the Authors' Locker Room, it'll take you to their last post in that section.

  • The search feature (top of page) is now all Googled up and it kicks the ass of other search engines and takes their lunch money.

  • Read a new article by a certain expert and think, "Hmm, wonder what else this cat has written?" Then go to the navigation on the left side of the page and click on "authors." Click a name and find all that writer's work at T-Nation!

  • There are currently 17 free audio interviews with trainers, coaches, nutrition gurus, sports psychologists and others in our T-Radio section. Just go to "Media & Art" then click on T-Radio to listen to them.

  • Want a T-Nation desktop wallpaper? Go to "Media & Art" then "Desktop Designs." There are 36 different ones available!

  • Wanna chat? Go to any thread and look at a user's post. See the little Pac-Man symbol? If it's lit up, you can invite that person to chat. Don't want to get invited to chat? Click "Customize" at the top of the page and you can turn that off.

  • Some egocentric, babbling bastard has a blog that's updated about twice per week. I wouldn't read it though.

  • Have any Tech Support-related issues? We have a forum for that. Just click on Forums or T-Directory and you'll find a link.

  • Want to subscribe to a certain thread so you don't have to go looking for it? Just click the little exclamation mark in the thread. Then, go to "Your Account" then "Message Center." There's a buddy list in there too so you can see if your friends are online and easily PM them from there.

  • Want to see only the latest training articles? Or nutrition articles? Or interviews? Or any other category? Go to the navigation section on the left, click "Articles" then click the type of article you're interested in.


Nice try "Shoe-guard"! Make it look like your trying to show people how to navigate the site....but we know you, it's just another shameless attempt to get people to read your blog! :slightly_smiling:

(nice reverse psychology bit on that comment.)


I would. In fact, if T-Nation was just this guy's blog, I would still read it.

Dan "Goddamn, What's This Brown Stuff on My Nose?" McVicker


Is it possible to download these so that I can listen to them on my iPod?



I can understand everything, but what's up with the blog. I thought they got rid of that guy..... :slightly_smiling:


Hmmm none of those are secrets. I'm on here way too much to miss anything.


My wife is jealous of all of the time I spend on T-Nation. I need to get out more.


No, just get her hooked too.


That's right. Hell, that's what I did.


We've talked about it. I kinda like the idea, but it's up to TC and Tim.


I'm also interested in this capability. LET MY CRY BE HEARD!!!


T-Nation podcasts would rock


I've been trying for a while to get those email newsletters to get to my email box. They never show up. My email addy is correct on here, so what's up?


You should probably re-read the above article where it mentions a tech support feature. If there isn't an answer there , you could post your ?'s on that forum.


Info in these threads:




Another vote here for Podcasts!


would love to see some NEW wallpapers too. The design team has come up with some pretty bad ass stuff since the last batch.




What I do is play em, while simultaneously using the record feature of some shitty program that came with windows [some sound program]. This lets you save em as a .wav file. Chuck em thru Lame [an mp3 encoder] and bobs your transvestite aunty, you have them in mp3 format. Kinda long winded but it lets you put em on an mp3 player.


Thanks again for the info.All of it.I look forward to everything here !

Those Endomorphines will be a nice feel :slight_smile:

Thanks for what you do.