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Secrecy Ruining these Forums


Why is that so many big guys on this forum are so secretive with their progress pictures or of footage of themselves in general? Is it that difficult in 2010 to buy a $15 webcam and take a 2 minute video of yourself running through poses and then upload it to youtube?

Is it seriously too much to ask for people to take shirtless shots of a front and rear double bi, a lat spread and quads/calves and then take another pic in the same poses 2 months later and keep doing that?

It is 2010 people - why is this SO RARE on these forums? Is it too much to demand that progress pics be both SHIRTLESS and in GOOD LIGHTING???

That being said - I will say that TheMightyStu downright DELIVERS. I have followed his example and taken and posted regular progress pics and a posing video in Performance Photos so now I'm calling people out here. I do this in order to improve the quality of the forum and also to try to understand why people are so secretive when we all want to see progress and when digital cameras, webcams and youtube are AVAILABLE and cheap.

Calling out:
Professor X (why is the lighting so poor, want to see a posing video)
Cephalic Carnage (Cant find any pics or video of you anywhere, this shouldnt be the case)
Akuma (pics without a baggy shirt please....video of 600 lb for reps smith bench)

Giving props to:
King Beef

People that will inevitably refuse to take progress pics like I ask, why is that? Are you shy? Do you think taking a posing video makes you gay? What is the reasoning? I would genuinely like to know.


Dude, your fucked for calling the Professor out......

Either you're stupid or have big balls. Maybe they just don't feel comfortable with people don't know seeing them, or they just don't want to.

Best of luck to you.


Austin had a whole youtube channel with videos of his lifts, and he has plenty of pics of himself on here though they maybe aren't all shirtless posing.

I'll let him put a link here if he wants, but he shouldn't be on the call out list.


With some people, it's a concern for their identity protection.

Others, they are fat but strong, and don't want to be seen in their fat state.

Some straight up suck at posing.

Some are lazy.

And some are being deceptive/straight up bullshitting about their stats.



Just when I thought that it was going to be another dull weekend on TN, THIS little nugget shows up.


and, good luck op......you're going to need it.

Edit: These guys are ruining these forums? Really?? I'm more inclined to thing the polar opposite. Plus, you've been around for less than a year..... Do you have actual footage on the decline of theses forums through the year?


In case you haven't noticed CCs avatar, he doesn't have skin. You sure you want pics?


Jean-luc sums up my prediction for this thread quite well.


A lot of big guys don't post their pics because they are sick of people saying "ROIDZ!" or "FAT!" or "That's so unfunctional."


You're gonna feel the wrath of the Prof.Run.Fast.


I shouldn't share this, but CC sent me this in a PM.


When you signed on here at T-Nation, nothing was promised, or given. Nowhere was it stated that you're owed anything, especially fairness. Nobody owes you a vid or pics.

Now get to the gym, get huge, then YOU can be that person you so wish the others to be.


There are many videos of professional bodybuilders posing, training, and talking about bodybuilding. Why should any private individual on here share anything with you?


Maybe said individuals aren't so full of themselves that they need to say "look at me look at me" by posting ungodly amounts of progress pictures.
p.s. I think "ruining" the forums is a large stretch.


I'm just curious...but maybe some people just don't care to post pics? Maybe they are not seeking feedback or approval? Maybe they just don't care?


Fucking this.

This place is rampant with jealous little fuckers that stalk you all over the internet. It is only a matter of time before they find you IRL too.

Those of use that are professionals and have careers that could be ruined by drug accusations and other such jealous bullshit, shouldn't be posting face pic's on the internet.

Also, you're a douche for calling these people out. They contribute some of the most helpful information on this board, and you are looking to drive them away?

STFU and GTFO T-Nation you stupid fucking douche bag.




K time to take progress pics and not share.


I never said that you need a face pic. All you have to do is use a dot over it or a blur.

I will also never leave T-Nation. I love watching peoples progress like Stu and Waylander as well as reading Bret Contreras' work and some old Thibs


I disagree completly. I think for example Dark Iron on t-cell alpha has fascinating pictures. If only he would update more.

I dont think Stu is full of himself, either.


Personally, these forums have been much better for me since I put the OP on my 'ignore' list. Unfortunately, I still get to read the dumbassery when people quote her.


^No such thing as too many pictures :stuck_out_tongue:

But I completely understand and respect why anyone wouldn't share them. Especially to asses like the OP. This thread couldn't be a more obvious troll. I hope nobody takes it too seriously.