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Secondry to Primary Hypogonadism


can trt for a secondry hypogonadal person covert its condition to primary hypogonadism as i have read this fro some places.can someone explain this


If one does TRT without hCG or a SERM, the testes in most cases will wither and can over time not be recoverable in terms of later been able to respond to LH. If one needs TRT, they are not going to be making their own T again in any case. The real issue then becomes:

  • appearance and sexual self image
  • appearance to women, who really do care
  • fertility
  • testicular pregnenolone production


Thanks KSman and what if he is a young male and is taking very low doses for short duration like doses less then 100 mg and duration like less then a month would that be a big shot.


Cycling TRT is really not a quality of life solution as one will feel bad over and over again. And recovery is never assured.

When your HPTA is shutdown, it is shut down. 80, 100, 150, 200mg - all the same.

For a young guy, low dose Nolvadex may be a good solution for long term fertility. Can also cycle between hCG and Nolvadex.

Avoid Clomid. Doc’s have trouble not using Clomid because of literature bias.