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Secondhand Biotest Products


Hi There Everybody,
I have amassed quite a collection of Biotest products over the past year, and I would like even more. I was wondering if anyone is currently selling any modern or vintage Biotest stuff. If you are, please PM me, and let's talk. I'd be interested mostly in supplements, but if you have other things we can discuss that too. Hope to hear from you, and thanks for your time.


I've got the originally produced Biotest Slimjim Asshair, a bottle of 24 servings, complete with certificate of authenticity, can be yours for the low, low price of $28.99. This stuff is guarunteed to get you chicks so order fast as supplies are limited.


I have Power Dingleberry, the newer version of Slimjim Asshair. It adds the component of managing fecal attachment issues. It's properties are a better go for the money. I'll sell mine for 24.99 plus shipping.

Sorry Slimjim, but I gotta undercut.


Mine don't last long enough to become vintage. Most others probably don't either. I could give you some empty Spike, Alpha Male, and Fahrenheit bottles though. No charge.
What gives with the collecting?


Are you kidding? The Power Dingleberry goes brand new for 24.99 with free shipping. I've already got 2 Slimjim Asshairs. Come On!


Neither do mine, its more of a rotating collection. I've been a member of T-Nation for less than a year, and from what I understand some of the products they produced before I came here were of very high quality. These "vintage" supplements are mainly what I am interested in.


What you are basically saying is you want the now banned MAG-10.

Dont be shy and just ask, you wont get arrested or anything for asking.


Are you sure? I could swear I've seen other threads where someone asked for MAG-10, and got flamed for it. "You know it's illegal, right?" kinda stuff.