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Secondary Lifts


I need some help with a few of my days, and getting in extra lifts to supplement my main lifts. I have been doing a schedule that was recommended to me in my first post from Dan John... one lift a day. So far this is what my lifts have looked like.

Day 1 (Saturday) Deadlift and biceps workouts, need something to go with deadlifts.
Day 2 (Sunday)Bench, and dumbell chest lifts, also tricep workouts. I have this day down pretty good.
Day 3 (Monday) Agility/gpp whatever. I just do some sit ups, pull ups, push ups and a few laps around the track.
Day 4 (Tuesday) Squats, I do leg presses and lunges... could use something else here to.
Day 5 (Weds) Row... I had clue what all I should be doing on this day... maybe some swimming and pull ups?

Then the next two days are off... another question I have is should I be consuming my normal 4000 calories and protein amounts on the days off?

Thanks guys, I'm sure this stuff is posted somewhere so links would be fine.


Try doing something else instead of what you were doing for GPP your Day 3. Instead do some sprints, 15min on uphill walking, which will help increase overall circulation and help with recovery.

I'm not sure were your coming from on you caloric intake, but you should maintain your appropriate coloric intake even on you days off. Just because your not working out doesn't mean you should not eat. I tink your off days are just as or even more important for achieveing results and overall recover.

I'll suggest that you should read some more articles dealing with nutrition and training routines to help you better understand what your doing and why your doing it.

Hope I helped somewhat.


I mean't that I need something go with i.e. deadlift, whats a good back/lower back secondary movement to go with that lift? or the other lifts I meantioned. That is what I am having trouble finding out.


  1. Deadlift work up to a heavy triple
  2. Bent over barbell rows 3x5
  3. Chins 3x as many as you can do without failing
  4. Shrugs 2x15-20
  5. Hypers or BW reverse hypers 1x20-25
  6. Heavy abs and sides

Do this right and you won't need to curl for a while. You will also grow some nice lats. Depending on your nutrition and the intensity of your pull, I would pull 2 weeks then only do the assistance work the third. This program got me a 500 pull at 195 and it really gunned my lats.