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Secondary Hypogonadism Causes and SHBG


I'm 18 years old and have had low t levels for a while now. My TT has hovered around 200 since I was 16, my LH has been around 1.0, my shbg has been low end of normal around 13, my E2 has been 27-33, and my FSH has been low-normal around 3.0. My thyroid, DHEA and everything else has been fine.

I've had all the classic symptoms of low T. I got a GnRH stim test to see if my pituitary is functioning, and my pituitary responded perfectly well to the LHRH. Therefore, my problem is that my hypothalamus just isn't making enough GnRH. I'm wondering what the cause of that could be. The wierd thing is is that my FSH and sperm count are pretty normal and healthy. My current theory is that maybe my low shbg could be the cause.

As a result of the low shbg, my free T has been perfectly fine throughout the years, but my LH and TT have been low. I'm thinking this could be due to the negative feedback loop. I'm thinking maybe I don't need T at all, maybe I just need to raise my SHBG. Any thoughts, opinions, comments? By the way, I'm on TRT now.


Depends if your symptoms are bad. Do you have the typical low T symptoms?

I had low TT and low SHBG with mid range free T, but still felt like crap with low energy. So it depends where your symptoms are at and insuring that there are no other problems.


Hey mate,

Sorry to bump an old thread. I am working though similar problems.. Dod you solve anyy of your issues.