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Secondary Hypogonadism but Feeling Fine and Need to Start Prep

Hi all,

I need some thoughts and advice…

I just got my bloods results today, which were done roughly one month after completing a 7week PCT (Nolva + Aromasin, no HCG) after a 12 week Test e + Deca cycle (400mg of each per week).

the outcome seems to suggest that I’m still shutdown:
total test 5.6 nmol/L (range 7.5-31)
FSH 2 (r: 0-12)
LH 2 (r: 0-9).
[I wanted to get the full hormonal panel but I couldnt disclose the aas usage with the GP due to insurance and all that crap that comes with it and that I want to avoid, so I had to fake ED with the doc].

Anyway, the thing is, I feel absolutely fine now. I’ve had a few weeks during PCT in which I could not ejaculate to save my life and my erections weren’t great (but still could get it up, as libido was still ok), but all problems seem to have gone away: I can get off and erections are back to normal.

I have noticed that my testes are still on the small side, and I have the impression that their size varies (not the sack, the actual nuts) on some days.

I now have to hop back on for prep, and I know that many are gonna say that I should take more time off to properly recover but I have a show in 20 weeks.

So I was wondering if this has ever happened to anybody and why that could be the case.

thanks everyone!