Secondary Hypogonadism Advice and Assistance Needed

You can bring up to Endo the e2 to get a feeling of what Dr knows.

I dunt think you have to worry about e2. It may raise and cause symptoms initially since your e2 probably low along with your testosterone. So as it’s going up you will get symptoms even though it may not be actually high. Good to have a baseline B4 u start trt.
Your e2 will take a couple months to stabilize. You do not normally need medication. Symptoms should go away.
You start protocol and retake labs after 6-8 weeks. It takes that long for blood levels to settle down and your body to adjust.

Being on trt may lower sperm count. If you don’t use protection you will have a 4th child.
I have 3 too. I use the withdrawal method. I feel more confident in that method since I probably have a low sperm count.