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Secondary Chest Exercise


What's a quality secondary chest exercise to superset with dumbbell flat bench? I've been doing flyes and peck deck, but am looking for a new exercise. Would incline/decline bench be considered a secondary chest exercise?

thank you


After doing your DB press you could do unilateral presses. So you finish, put your DBs down, snag a lighter set and press both up. Then to alternating presses leaving the other one EXTENDED.

I’ve never done that b/c I usually like flys instead.


I’m just doing low Incline with dbs or on smith machine,

followed by flat db press

then i use a cybex peck deck machine where at the start it looks like im pressing and in the end it turns into a fly. Dante uses this I call it the fly press lol.

What more do you need…?


ORRRRR you could forget about all this fancy superset stuff and just get progressively stronger on 1-3 different chest exercises. Go up 100lbs on your db bench press for 8-10 reps, and you’ll get a lot bigger and stronger that’s for sure. If you want a second chest exercise pick one and stick with that over the course of time and make the same level of progression.


You will likely never be able to db bench press 400, like Ronnie, but if you continually work towards a heavier and heavier goal what do you think will happen? You will get bigger and stronger (as long as you eat to grow).