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Secondary Characteristics

Hello. Kind of a T question. Would complete lack of beard,abdominal, and chest hair growth indicate a testosterone deficiency in a 19 year old male in a family of moderately hairy males? No substance abuse or health problems.

Not necessarily. If you were a betting man that information would tip the odds slightly but not all that much. Getting your T levels tested is the only way to know or even to have a good bet.

Thank you for the response, Bill. Let us assume for a moment that it is a Testosterone deficiency. Would standard replacement T200 shots be likely to jumpstart beard growth? Once the hair is ‘androgenized’ it will not likely return to its former state, correct? thanks again.

Yes, if always testosterone deficient, it’s very possible that standard testosterone replacement therapy will trigger
beard growth.

For example, even though the one time I was tested, I had high normal testosterone, and otherwise seem well androgenized, I never had sideburns until using AAS. The follicles there just had a threshold value that was above high normal apparently, and until triggered, they didn’t differentiate. Having differentiated though, the sideburns
do grow with normal testosterone.

Generally you are correct, the effect is permanant, but growth will be much faster while on higher androgens. And if levels are very low there can be partial loss of beard I think, as seen with transexuals.

So what will cause a complete “outburst” of
facial hair to an earlier unpresented extent ?

Max T levels or fairly high levels for a longer time 8-10 weeks ?

So, would you say that someone that has fast growing hair (head, face, body) has a higher level of test. than someone else???

t.f.: No, only the beard, not the hair of the head.

Bateman: levels that are past some threshold level, with level more important than duration but duration also of significance.

So to grow facial hair a six week cycle of
high (1000-1250 mg) of test or 100 mg´s of Anadrol is the way to go ?