Second Week Squat Ramp Clarification

On the breakdown of the lower body days for the wave loading on both A and B exercises during the 2nd week the article says:

reach Max Target weight (MTW) on set 6 then -40lbs for set 7, wave back to max to max weight on set 10. It then says -40lbs for set 11, then -40lbs again for set 12.

Yet on the sample workout it has the weight stay the same for sets 11 and 12 then ramp back up.
This is a pretty big distinction b/t the two as if I read the generic chart, you’re actually dropping -40 below your MTW and THEN dropping another -40 below that and waving back up. The sample workout doesn’t have big of drop off as the weights are always within 40lbs of your MTW.

SO I’m not sure if I screwed up today going from 245 on front squats (exercise A today) all the way to freakin’ 165!(I practically did a front jump squat with this) or if I was supposed to repeat -40(or 205)? Same thing with exercise B which also says -40 and -40lbs again so I was going from 345 to 265 today. If I look at the sample workout I should have waved down to 305, repeated, then waved back to 345.

Actually f’ it the whole guidelines of wave loading vary significantly between the generic numbers chart and the actual example sample workout. The generic has a weight change every set yet the sample version has weights repeated.

I really would like to know what’s right on this.

I have been repeating the same weight, pretty sure you made a mistake. 205 should have been your lowest working set.

F!! Thanx for the response though