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Second Week of Test E Cycle, What to Expect?


So I’m on my second week of test e cycle 500ml a week it’s my first cycle I’m 27 6’2 started at 205 an I’m 210lbs now I’ve been drinking my body weight in water so I feel like that’s where it’s coming from an I eat around 3800calories a day an about 200grams of protein. I’ve always been kinda a hard gainer which is why I’ve turned to aas but I was wondering what I can do to get some gains or if I just need to wait a bit longer I workout mon-fri for an hour an sometimes saturdays an all I’ve got to show is ball shrinkage some left nut aches an a bit of boner issues so I thought I’d turn to the pros for some answers


I doubt any of those things are true outside of your mind, because a test e cycle would not cause these in the first week. Or in the second week for that matter.

Nothing happens in the first 2 weeks of a test e -only cycle. Nothing at all . You will not see above average muscular gains, nor will you experience any side effects, because it takes longer than this for test e, particularly at a low dose like 500mg per week, to be processed in your system.

Generally speaking, by the 3rd week you’ll likely start to see effects in the gym, and by about week 3-4 you MAY experience some side effects. But definitely not just after 1 week.


Okay I wasn’t sure if I was just expecting to much right off the bat an to clarify I just took my 5th pin yesterday and I thought 250 twice a week is what’s recommended for first cycle? I also did two weeks of dbol to front load. And I wouldn’t lie about my nut being sore lol it feels like I got some mad blue balls would be what it’s comparable to idk if that helps…


Stretch glutes. Sit on tennis ball and see if there is a sore spot in that area.

I had nut pain once, went to doctor, was told there was nothing they could do, its normal. “Normal” lol fucking assholes.

I searched everywhere and found that the nerves that go to your balls go down through your glute area, and sometimes a tight muscle will compress, and it feels like nut pain.


What AI are you using?


it is recommended. I didn’t say it wasn’t. I said it’s a low dose, which it is. A first cycle SHOULD be a low dose.

you didn’t think that was something you should mention in the first place? That changes everything. what dose did you run? You should get results from dbol within a couple days of starting it. At least within the first week. Assuming a reasonable dose.


I have nolva an clomid but I haven’t noticed any gyno or anything it’s just the lack of boner issues (which i thought it was the opposite were you get em like crazy) and the nut irittation but that has gone down quit a bit today. The buddy I got it all from who has done a fair amount of cycles said he never uses any of that stuff cuz he hasn’t had a problem but if I notice anything gyno wise to start taking it.


Thanks man actually helped quit a bit


I did 40mg a day, 20Am and 20PM


So you’re not taking an AI. Your buddy advised you not to because he personally doesn’t need one. The problem with that is you’re not running a cycle in his body, you’re running it in yours. You very likely need an AI. If you can’t get consistent erections while on 500mg of test then either your e2 is running high or you’ve suddenly become asexual. The latter is about as unlikely as it gets. Your e2 is high. You ran dbol, which aromatizes, and now you’re on test, which aromatizes. If you aren’t taking anything to prevent that conversion then you’re going to have e2 issues. Gyno is one thing that can happen, yes, but it’s not the only thing that can go wrong. Neither nolva nor clomid are AIs. In a pinch they will help, and they certainly will be useful if you get gyno. But a better approach is to not get gyno in the first place.


On a test cycle you should have constant wood and beat your meat 3x a day minimum… Also ugly chics turn hot…something deff wrong… Ive had balls ache on test b4 too… to prevent that and shrinkage HCG at 50 units per week should do the trick…Some guys divide it up but IMO 50 all at once does teh trick for week …or just do 25 if nuts still hurt after 4hrs bang the over 25… thats SQ shots btw
The others are right a AI like Anastrozle at .5 eod should do the trick on 500 test… These are things you can get in 5 days off net so why wait? Unles you want grape nuts and your girl to bang other dudes…


So you suggest I start taking an ai? Which one an dosage would you recommend? There’s so many an everybody seems to be hit or miss on them


I have some ad-3 laying around to that’s an AI so I guess I’ll start taking that and ya that’s what I thought I’d be walking around with a rock all damn day but wasn’t sure so thought I’d ask you guys


I dont know what Ad3 is… But Anastrozle / Arimedex is super common when running test cycles…Also damn near every cycle you ever run has a test base in the stack so just stock up on it…Pills or research chem just hurry


What you mean this scam stuff? Get real anastrozole or exemestene(aromasin). I stocked up in greece on arimidex it was like 30euro a box and you ca buy freely! Im the end Letro just works best for me.


Ya that’s the stuff idk if it’s a scam tho… I read a lot of good reviews on bodybuilding .com an the ingredients are legit which is why I got the stack which it was in (which was a pro hormone stack I never took)


Also I should say it’s not that I can’t get a boner it’s just that it seems like it takes a little more effort which is why I wasn’t sure if it’s just mental I’ve been having sex with my woman an it ain’t an issue I just thought it would be like I’m taking viagra 24/7 while on the cycle. And I apologize for asking these “newb” questions but I have done research for the last few years on it all because I was debating on doing it just never got around to it. So it’s not that I just went in an had no idea what I was doing or the wasn’t aware of the effects. So with that being said what is you’re guys reccomandations? I have the arimadex but knowing that I still can get boners that it just takes a little effort is throwing me off of wether I should take it on cycle or not I have no other side effects I’ve actually been in a above average mood since the first week