Second week into my cycle

Just wanted to keep you guys posted on my cycle. I made a few changes and followed the advice of spookaroo and Drago and I haven’t grown this much since my first cycle. I have gone from 175lbs to 230lbs in two years and now I’ve already gained 7 pounds 10 days. Protein is up to 400grams per day. Here’s what I’ve done:
Ten week cycle
Sustanon (750mgs per week - m/w/f)
Equipoise(600mgs per week - m/w/f)
Tren (80mgs per day)
D-bol (50mgs per day for 5 weeks)
Nolvadex (20mgs per day)

I’ve never felt better in terms of strenght, well-being and pumps in the gym, not to mention sex drive. My wife will can’t understand my energy levels, however it’s great. Thanks guys for your input and I will keep you posted

I think I just found my next cycle…

what size amps do the eq come in?

archaic…eq traditionally comes in 10,20, or 50 ml vials of differing potency.
e-machine… congrats bro. very nice cycle indeed. i am entering week 2 of a sust/tren/dbol cycle myself. this is by far my favorite stack. you get a little bit of everything it seems. plus the wife should be quite happy with you in bed these days. my sex drive is outrageous on this stack. nice progress bro. keep us posted. i will post some updates on mine after next week. i usually dont start seeing anything dramatic until days 10 - 14 even with a good front.

Man that’s a lotta gear

Dunno if you saw my thread regarding my stack. But they are very similar. I am using primo rather then eq, and turinobol rather then dbol. Glad your having fun…

I think I am going to change my screen name to Iam12nvu. The good ole days. That is the one I tell you. You think it is good now, wait till you can’t hold onto the bar anymore because your arms are so pumped up. Sust is a wonderful thing. I still think it is the best one out there and everyone says test is just test. I would argue it just a little with them. Glad you are all having fun without me.

Forgot to mention, great way to use the sust too, On M/W/F cuts down on the pain and allows it to work the way it should, very nice.

Before this cycle I used to stick with test/eq/d-bol and got pretty decent gains. However, since I started using Tren(by the way, this is my first time using it)my gains went up the roof. Also, if I may, shooting M/W/F (Sust/Eq)has given me a steady balance in terms of strenght, well-being and gains. The only reason I’m using Equipoise is simply because I eat like a mad man while on it. Finally, I upped my protein from 200mgs per day to 400mgs, and that also seems to have a significant impact on my growth. Will keep you guys posted and thanks for the replies.

Out of curiosity, what does your injection site rotation look like?

cant speak for emachine. but, mine is a steady rotation between glutes, quads, delts, and bi’s

The reason I ask is because three days a week this cycle will have more than 2ccs of gear to inject. So you you cycle around glutes and quads for those days, and delts and bis for the other days?

yup thats about it. i put 3cc’s in glutes and quads. 1cc every where else. you shouldnt have any problems. hell, even add in 1cc of sterile oil to cut the sust with. you’ll be glad you did. i had to pump in 20 cc’s of total gear during the first week of my last cycle. now that sucks!