Second Time with 30-10-30 Program

Tried 30-10-30 for a while and enjoyed it. Got away to go much heavier for a while.
I severely overestimated my ability to tolerate pressing, really ticking off my Biceps tendon.
That pushed me back.
Started again on Friday, then again on Monday. Neat thing was I remembered what I used for the load the first time and that was too low. I guess that is a good thing. I took the reps to about 2 short of failure. Really focused on all the focus points. Tension, form, pace.
That being said, I tried to do something a little more lower body focused and I kinda liked it.
Exercise 1, Goblet Squat with DB, 30-10-30, Immediately to leg ext, 30-10-30, then low platform, aka peterson leg press, 30-10-30. It was challenging. I had to take a break after, because, well, moving was a bit difficult.
Moved to an upright, seated cable press for chest. Fly pattern for the 30, 10 reps pressing manner, fly pattern 30. That was enough
Pullover, 30-10-30, immediate elbow flared horizontal row for 30-10-30.
Leg curl superset 30-10-30 with front of foot elevated stiff legged deadlift
Lateral raise 30-10-30
DB curl decline. I like using incline but that may be contributing to the tendon issue. 30-10-30
Overhead cable french press 30-10-30
ab crunch 30-10-30

On any pulling motion, I held at peak contraction for a good amount of time, same with lateral raise. Tried for an 8 count.
It just seemed different. I am enjoying the soreness today.
I was going to use dumbbells for some loaded carries but I was kinda whipped.
Going to run this cycle for three weeks.
On my mid week workout I will omit the leading 30, and add some loaded carries at the end. Nothing too strenuous.

Made changes.
Quads now
heel elevated goblet squat 30-10-30
leg ext 10-30
Low on platform leg press 10(+) 30 (about 10 but more if I can. Still 1 to maybe 2 reps short of failure

Then I just kneel and lean back to stretch the quads for 30 seconds.

initial 30 second negative on the extensions were just wiping me out, as were the initial 30 second negative with the low on platform leg press.