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Second Time Bulking, Advice?

Hey, made some posts a year ago when i was new to this, since then I gained some pounds of fat and lost it again so im back to my original post bulk weight at 150 and 5’7. Just wondering if there are any under developed muscles and if my weight gain is impressive. Plan to start another bulk soon.image|223x500

Second photo didn’t upload

Are you looking for honesty from others and constructive criticism in helping you?

First part answer is yes…

2nd part… are you content with your progress?

Yeah id say so, i think i made decent progress in the five months i spent. Nothing incredible compared to others but im proud i came this far.

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As long as your happy with your progress that is all that matters.


All of them are. And I don’t mean to insult. It’s just that your muscles aren’t much developed at this point. I assume you asked that question so people would tell you specific areas to work on. At your stage, work on all of them.

“Under developed” is also a relative term. How big would you like to be? How would you like to look? If you eventually add 30 more pounds of muscle, but want to look like a pro bodybuilder, you’d still be “under developed”, but maybe you’d be perfectly happy as that would be ideal for you.

By under developed I meant like am I proportional, i just dont want to have any muscle imbalances that cause health problems. Im terms of how big i want to be, not personally into the body builder look. A slimmer fighter type physique is the goal, The current plan is to gain another 20 pounds and go from there.

Yes, you are proportionally underdeveloped. You have no mass to be worried about being proportional.

Just follow a reasonable training program and you’ll be fine. Many athletes are not “balanced” as the requirements of their sport do not lead to “balance”, and they’re fine.