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Second Thoughts About Coach's Protocol

Been training seriously for 6-7 years now…26 now and want to dive into anabolics for a year or two So I can compete in a few shows. My only concern is my high blood pressure and my hope to have kids in A few years . Been on TRT For 3 years, but besides anavar’s the only anabolic I’ve tried. My coach of 2 years laid out this protocol for a building phase, wanted to see what you guys think…

Week 1-6: 500mg test
400mg Equipoise
20 mg Nolvadex EOD
1mg Arimidex 2x/week

Week 7-12: 750mg Test
800mg Deca
20mg nolvadex
1mg arimidex 2x/week

Week 13-18: 750mg test
300mg mast
300mg Tren ace
Letro 2.5 mg 2x/week
Aromasin 25mg eod

I really only see two problems with this protocol, but you’ll have to consult someone with more experience, as I have never competed.

  1. The 800mg and 750mg is going to bloat you like hell. But it is a building phase, so that might not make a difference.

  2. I know you have to run Deca for a lot longer than 4 weeks since it’s an incredibly long ester.

Other than that, look solid to me.

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That seems complex for the sake of being complex, but I know nothing about what it takes to be a bodybuilder. For someone that has never really used AAS (I’m not talking about your TRT), that definitely seems like overkill.

I do not feel I have enough experience to recommend anything to you, but I think you are ABSOLUTELY correct to have second thoughts. There are several other members, much smarter than I, that should be chiming in on this.

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Thanks for the feedback, you’re obviously more experienced than me, you think It’s worth Doing a couple 16 week cycles (building then cutting) with high BP, anxiety, and hope for having kids in a few years. I love the sport and would love to compete (and win) but this is such a tough decision smh.

I think a lot of people underestimate the commitment to compete in a bodybuilding show. The attention to detail when it comes to food, drugs, and cardio is extremely important.

It’s not even the drugs that are expensive, it’s the food intake that can dramatically increase the cost of a grocery bill.

Regardless, I definitely wish you well and the best of luck with whatever you decide man!

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It appears your coach doesn’t understand pharma much. This is very screwed up and potentially very side affect inducing.

Eq for such a short duration is a waste. It’s also anti-e so with that much arimadex you’re going to tank tour E2.

Again… too short of a duration for the deca. Stupid.

This at least makes slight sense but not that much letro. Mast and tren don’t aromatize.

Basically… he’s nuts

Damn… he’s a fairly well known coach too and very high IQ guy when it comes to hormones and nutrition… I’m definitely skeptical cause I told him For me, the more mild the cycle , the better … this looks aggressive for 4 months and as you said, some of it doesn’t make sense

What @blshaw said makes a lot of sense. EQ needs to be run a long time, and so does deca. If it is me I would leave the deca out and just run EQ the whole cycle. To much ai use for someone who doesn’t know what they need. Start very low and you can always bump it up. Additionally you are bulking and running nolva, so I don’t see a place for an ai right off the bat.

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