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Second Sustaton

My 1st cycle consisted of 500mg of Sustanon a week (2 inj a week). I made really good gains off of this cycle.

I’m a powerlifter looking for strength more than anything

Current stats :

295 @ 20%bf

Before 1st Cycle:
265 @ 17%bf

My question is about my 2nd cycle:

750 mg of Test E - 12 weeks
400 mg of Deca - 10 weeks

Should I take any anti-estrogen with this cycle or just have it on hand just in case?

Is it really going to make a big difference to go from 500 mg of Test to 50 mg of Test a week?

Should I take the Deca for the same length as the Test?

  1. 500-750 jump
    i think you will notice a bit of a difference at the higher dose.

  2. deca
    i am not a fan of deca. notwithstanding, your plan to go off a couple weeks earlier than the test is good. perhaps a week or two earlier if you really want to be safe as deca is quite suppressive.

  3. antiE
    you should most definately use an aromatase inhibitor, the best bet would be arimidex and nolva at .5-1mg and 10-20mg per day. i gave a range so you can choose how much or how little suppression of estrogen you want. this range will have the most control as doses below would be minimally effective and doses above no more effective based on your cycle and body size.