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Second Skin: Documetary on MMORPG Players



Losers. All of them. My confidence shot up after watching the first 20 minutes.

Interesting as well.


Damn, I wish Hulu worked in the UK!


You know what's really sad? Most of the people in that documentary have more of a life than I do. :frowning:


I started watching it for 20 or 30 minutes, but I get it. They have a virtual life. ok.


I think online games are great ways to meet people to an extent (i've met three people online before, and they have all been awesome guys) but I don't think that virtual life should ever take control of the life that you were born into. If their real life is boring, they should fix that instead of raiding.


You know what, those couples seem really happy. Really weird, but happy.


Any way to watch it in the UK.


My older brother spends 95% of his waking hours playing World of Warcraft. He failed out of college because he wouldn't go to class. He will often drink several beers while playing alone in a room. He says it's like drinking with his friends. Right...

I unplugged the internet in our house when he refused to go to work with me (we used to work together, he got fired) and he literally assaulted me (wielding a fork from a week old bowl of pasta that had been sitting in his room). Good thing he's 6'2" 140lbs... I had to pin him down for roughly 10 minutes before he calmed down.

I'm incredibly lucky and come from a privileged family, but my older brother sees it as a reason that he can do whatever he wants and he'll always be fine. I fucking hate this. I do my best to not be one of those assholes who can do and get whatever he wants just by asking daddy.

The guy has some emotional issues that he (is supposed to) take some mild meds for, but I hardly see it as an excuse for being this fucking lazy and irresponsible. As Jim Wendler would put it... he is really goddamn far south of vag.

I've been living alone with this guy for two months now working on a construction site (which is the job he was fired from). It's like being a single mom and fed up with it. I would smash the modem, but I need to be able to email my boss back at school.

FUCK. That's my rant. I hate these games.


World of Earcraft sucks. I played for a month, remembered all the porn I was missing out on, and quit.


"girl X was flirtatious with me"

this shit makes me horny


I introduced my last girlfriend to World of Warcraft. I eventually stopped playing but she didn't. She got married at the start of the year to some dude in the USA she met on WoW. Now she is back here in Australia, and he is having lots of trouble getting a visa to live over here so they play wow together all day - she call its 'spending time together'. wtf.

Must be a real satisfying marriage. I give it 3 years max.


Now this is sad. Did she have an actual wedding or was it on WoW using their characters?


I dunno, I think gaming heavily can be fine, as long as it doesn't consume you. Look at us with weightlifting, granted its not nearly as time consuming as WoW, lots of people see bodybuilders as freaks and lifting weights as pointless. Same goes with fashion, cars, careerists, etc.

If someone just enjoys playing mmorpgs more than real life I couldn't care less, I just hate how they know they're wrong in getting too into it and try to convince themselves that if they wern't fat and acne ridden that they would have a social life. BULLSHIT, you don't have a social life because you're a pussy who doesn't have the testicular fortitude to go talk to people you don't know.

Anyway, for the people who have tried to have a group of friends that are social, going out and partying and hate that sort of life, but enjoy playing wow and shit, great for them. As long as they don't lose their minds when they can't play.

I personally don't care for partying much anymore, and im only 21, perhaps when I transfer to UF then I'll party somemore, but I know I sure as fuck won't be wasting my college years playing diablo 3 or whatever else.


Lifting weights changes a person's physical body and their mental state for the better. Gaming destroys the body and the mind. It isn't the same.

I disagree with your argument. But we both agree that Optimus Prime is cool.


I agree with this 100%. Having played eve-online for years I can easily say it was THE reason for me becoming fat, lazy and weak and drifting into being more and more antisocial.

Since I went cold turkey (deleting my accounts) and started hitting the gym last year, every part of my life has improved. I feel for those still under the hold of such games. I don't think it would be unrealistic to comparing it to being addicted to crack or some other shit.


I think that it would be hard to convince someone that gaming can be a very big positive in someone's life. It's very easy to convince someone that working out is a positive.

pros of gaming: it's fun
cons of gaming: physical problems are numerous - you're sitting doing nothing (Wii fit is BS), you might end up marrying a fat girl you've never met in person, promotes terrible eating habits, you make the decision to be alienated from the real-world social scene (where you can get some ass), it pisses off your family and real-life friends

pros of working out: fun, healthy, makes you look good, makes you feel good (physically, and with self esteem), etc (do I even have to list these?)
cons of working out: possible to get injured, possible to get obsessed, can be annoying with social life (family dinners, parties, etc)


Fuck Prime. He's a self-righteous, arrogant, judgemental prick.

Starscream is the ultimate Transformer. A genius. Bold, determined, and unapologetic. In a fight between Prime and Starscream, Starcream wins with sheer cunningness and guile.

Prime is the type of Transformer that will bitch and whine about a "fair fight" while Starscream tramples all over him.

Fuck Prime.


Diablo II fucked me up royally back in the day.

Well, not really. But it was bad enough in retrospect and I can see how people could have it worse.

wonders when Diablo III is going to come out...


I play, I just spend a lot of time making other people rage. I'm like an HH of WoW.


Wow. Online relationships. So much fail.

What the fuck?

(posting as I watch, I figured you need the play by play of my life)

EDIT: Ahahaha this guy played 11 hours a day?!