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Second Set Last


Hi, with SSL 5x5, do you do 5 reps on all weeks? or on week 2 do you do 5x3 @80%, week 3; 5x1 @85%?



This should answer your question:

SSL is ONLY used IMMEDIATELY AFTER a reset. For 2 cycles.


Hi Jim,

You suggested doing SSL for a cycle as part of my workup from shoulder surgery. I just confused if I use 5x5 for all weeks or do 5x5 / 5x3 / 5x1.

So far so good with the outline you gave me, no pain at all doing the deadlifts :slightly_smiling:


Jim Wendler wrote:

I think you are being extremely cautious. Just do one cycle of a TM of 205 with SSL at 5x5. 5's PRO for all sets. See how you feel. If you feel good, do a very "non psyche" approx 5RM test (jumping 40 pounds) and establish a new TM.


5x5 for all weeks - your TM is pretty low due to surgery so you're bar speed will be fine.


Thanks Jim, appreciate your help as always