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Second (Recomp/Cutter) Cycle Advice?


Hi guys, I'm currently in the middle of a test cyp/(500mg/wk)/dbol(30mgED for 4 wks) 8 week (first) cycle. I just want to explore my options for my second cycle (which I will start after 6 months). Just planning ahead so i can buy my gear early. My source carries the following gear: test E, test C, sust 250, Masteron, primobolan, Dbols, Winny. He also has clen. If you need me to mention the lab (and if it's allowed), let me know.

My stats and experience are: 31yrs old, 180lbs at 13% BF, ectomorph, 12 years lifting experience but only been focusing on the compound lifts, progression and eating a LOT the last 3 years. Currently eating between 3500-4000cals, ~240g protein, low
fat, high carb. Im in the middle of a bulking test cyp(500mg/Wk)/dbol(30mgED for 4wks) cycle, which is my 1st one. Hopefully, I'd end up at around 185-190lbs at 13-14%BF after PCT. I dont seem to have a problem w water retention or gyno at these dosages (so far).

I am thinking about what a good 2nd cycle would be. I'm actually planning on a recomp/cutter the next one, probably starting on January 2012 so that I'd be beach-ready by April/May 2012, the summer break here in my locality. Goals are to retain strength and as much muscle mass as possible while getting to 7-8% BF.

So what's a good cycle given my goals, current condition and available gear? I'm planning on a 12 weeker. Here are some options I came up with:

Option 1:
wk1-12 test E (or maybe sustanon) (500mg EW)
wk1-4 Dianobol kick start (30mg ED)
wk1-14 Adex 0.5mg EOD
wk1-14 500IU HCG EW
wk1-2, 5-6, 9-10, 11-12, 15-16 clen 120mcg ED [tapering up, dosage depending on tolerance] (2wks on/2wks off)
Wk15-18 Nolva (40/20/20/10)

Diet maybe eat about 2500-1800cals ramping down depending on progress of fatloss, maybe low carb/keto?

Option 2:
same as above, but add Masteron at 300 or 400mg/wk from week 5 to week 12.

Any opinions on both options? Some questions:

  1. Could a 12wk test or sustanon/dbol kickstart cycle work as a good cutter considering i appear NOT to have a problem w water retention? Planning on using adex also to control this. (w a good diet of course). I've already previously cut to 7% naturally already but i lost a lot of strength and muscle. I'd like to prevent it this time around.

  2. would the addition of masteron have a huge impact on appearance? Considering my level of experience w anabolics, should I even be thinking about exploring this option? It's kinda expensive, Option 2 would cost about twice as much as Option 1 for me. Any other suggestions considering what's available to me and my sched? (primo or winny?)

  3. Is the use of clen described above proper? [120mcg ED, 2wks on/2wksoff], throughout the cycle and PCT. If not, what would you suggest?

  4. Diet: planning on going at least low carb, maybe keto, w at least 240g Protein ED, 2500-1800 ramping down depending on progress of fat loss. Thoughts?

  5. Training: continue what Im doing (EOD sessions: ([1 press + SQ + Pull] OR [1 press + 2 pulls] in the 3-5 rep range) + some accessory exercises at the 8-12 rep range)? Or should I change it up?

  6. Considering I want to be in my best condition but completely off anabolics by April to May 2012, when should I start my (a) cycle, (b) diet, (c) clen?

Any constructive input will be much appreciated. Thanks!

  1. You can cut while using any compounds. What the cut will come down to is your diet; more calories exerted than taken in will equal weight loss. So yes this could work but I would certainly use an AI.

  2. In my experience, masteron "shows" itself best when at least at a 10% BF or lower. This is your second cycle? Unless you plan on going into a competition at the end of this second cycle of yours, I would skip it this time around.

  3. I've never used it, but its my understanding that you'll ramp up to a peak dosage (usually I see 100mcg) and then taper back down to 0. Let somebody else tell you about clen.

  4. Sure, you'll know whether its working for you or not and adjust accordingly.

  5. Do whatever works for you. If that routine works for you off, then it'll work for you on.

  6. Take the date you want to be off them and subtract the length of your cycle + PCT time to be certain.


Thanks TRT. That was very helpful.

Can anyone chime in on the proper use of clen?


Do not use it without using AAS simultaneously