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Second PL Meet: 1218 lbs at 194 lbs


I competed in my second meet on March 29, 2015. It was also my first 'proper' meet, as it was the GPC qualifier for the nationals in a couple of months. My first meet was a non-federation novice competition on March 1, 2015.

Apart from falling on my backside in my first attempt of the deadlift I'm really quite pleased. I improved my total by 49 lbs and hit PRS in all the lifts:

squat - 463 lbs
bench press - 253.5 lbs
deadlift - 501.5 lbs

In retrospect, I should have pulled conventional on all the attempts, but I was determined to try sumo as in the weeks leading up to the meet it felt like the better option. On the plus side, I learned why a lot of sumo pullers wear high tops; I since got a pair of Matflex 4s. It also didn't help that I lost track of time and was busy warming up for the deadlift until about five minutes before my first attempt. My warm up sumo pulls felt nice.

Anyway, I learned a whole bunch and had a great time. I'm looking forward to a solid six or so month block of training before the GPC Canberra Cup in October where I'm planning on putting some decent numbers up.


Video isn't working but awesome progress!


The whole thing? Goddamnit! I know Youtube sent me a thing about a copyright infringement because of the music on one video.

Thanks, also.

Do these work?


Bench press



Yup, it works. Nice to see a lot of emotion in the DL, lol.


I always feel a bit sheepish about that but hey, it works. I needed everything I could get by then, I was pretty beat and just wanted to go home (might have had something to do with a nasty stomach bug that hit me the next morning).

I can honestly say I've NEVER been that angry with a bar before. I don't even remember shaking the slack out of it.



Nice Deep Squat
Good Press
Great Pull mate

Keep up the good work.

SQ - 970
BP - 740
DL - 848


Thanks mate! I figure I've got a decent base to work from now, just a matter of slowly chipping away.