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Second Labs Since Starting TRT


Hi all,

You were very helpful the first time around and I'm still trying to grasp all of this. I know the basics, but most of you guys know more, ask great questions, and tell me what to look out for. Much appreciated. And yes, I read the stickies. :wink:

First labs were taken after 3 weeks of TRT - 100mg shot of T-Cyp once per week:

TT - 806 (241 - 827)

Estradiol - 54 (< 54)

Free T - 205.2 (35 - 155)

SHBG - 17 (8 - 48)

Pregnenolone - 10 (13 - 208)

You guys suggested other things for me to test so I did here in round 2. I also cut my dosage in half and began shooting 50-60mg, twice per week rather than 100mg once per week.

TT - 653 (241 - 827)

Estradiol - 42 (<54)

Free T - 188.7 (35 - 155)

SHBG - 16 (8 - 48)

TSH - 1.10 (0.40 - 4.5)

T4 Free - 1.1 (0.8 - 1.8)

T3 Free - 349 (230 - 420)

DHEA Sulfate - 152 (110 - 370)

PSA Total - 0.4 (<4.0)
PSA Free - 0.1
PSA % Free - 25% (>25%)
Estim. Probability of Cancer - 1%

Estradiol is still higher than most here would like to see it, and while my T dropped from 800+ to 653, my Free T still remained higher than their designated range.

Please offer suggestions and opinions. Thanks in advance!


You have now spread your case across three threads. So we can't see the whole picture. If you are too lazy to find and update your original case thread, should we bother to find all the pieces to try to put the puzzle together?

Your hormone levels are changing a lot with weekly injections. Your lab results are then a function of lab timing and are of limited use, all the more if you do not disclose lab timing. If lab timing changed across the two labs, are we seeing effects of dose changes or lab timing?

That is why we suggest injecting at least twice per week, to smooth things out. Part of your high estradiol is created by the high T peaks from injecting twice a week. That can be reduced.

You are going to need an AI to manage your E2. Anastrozole needs to match T levels. If T levels are changing, anastrozole dose can't be right.

Did we suggest anything in your other threads?


why don't we start over on your 'primary' thread? I have copied and pasted your information above to that thread so we can pick up from there.

see you over there.