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Second Lab Numbers Back

I won’t bore you with all the liver numbers as they seem to be in range, 2 highlights though:

Total Protein: 6.9 with the range=6.0-8.4
PSA: 1.3 Range=0-4

Here’s the ones that are disconcerting and the Doc called for an MRI as a result

LH: <0.1 Range: 1.5-9.3
Test: 210 (this is after 6 weeks of 100 mg test cyp per week) and then off for 3 weeks Range: 241-827
Prolactin: 10.58 Range: 2.1-17.7 Yeah score one for me!
FSH: 0.3 Range: 1.4-18.1

CBC Test (whatever that is) all 15 things tested for were in the normal range

E2 was on the order form and apparently they ignored it! I even pointed it out to the nurse that registered me into the hospital lab which I had to pay for. I will give the Doc an opportunity tomorrow to fix this or I will just take care of it myself!

Now what does all this mean? I have no clue. I am very healthy(At least I feel that way) and very strong and sex life is good so how can these numbers be so fucked up? The doc upped T doseage to 350 mg a week but it is Androgel so I assume to loose at least 10% through absorption.