Second Debate Throwdown

Yeah, that was a Biden mistake IMO.

Agreed. He should have handled it more subtly or had an answer like “The energy industry is going to be a top priority in my administration. We will look to gradually shift the focus to renewable and sustainable sources as we create more jobs than ever in this sector”.

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As many of us expected, it fell with a total thud. For the average viewer, trying to paint Joe Biden and his family as money-grabbing, corrupt, and hiding finances just isn’t going to fly when coming from Trump’s mouth. The tax thing (how many - even Trumpers, believe his line “I’m just about to release them”) is just such an easy card to play if someone accuses you of hiding finances.

Also, Biden’s pivot to “The American people aren’t here to listen to my family or your family, but are interested in their own family” was a pretty effective and easy card to play.


Yep, or put more emphasis on a long timeline. I think most people accept that we need to move on from fossil fuels eventually.

Perhaps just saying that he would increase focus on renewable energy would have been a better statement. It doesn’t have a negative to it (unless inferred).

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The difference between what a professional writer can come up with and what Trump just improvises.

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Nothing has been effective really. They tried the senile/dementia thing which isn’t a bad play given his age. But the issue with that is your candidate has to come off as much more with it. It’s beyond clear that articulating positions, policies, ideas, speaking to people is something that Biden is absolutely crushing Trump with. The difference is striking. Trump looked like a high school kid who read the book cover and back then tried to give a report.

I do think Biden missed some chances. I thought he let Trump hit a lot on the why didn’t you do it type stuff without throwing it back. Trump had full control. Really hard to believe healthcare and infrastructure week are things we will get done in the second term. The you haven’t done anything could have been stronger.

Other than that polling shows that Biden won but Trump did better than the first time around which was to be expected when they could mute him.

I think it’s nice that he was direct and honest.

Now voters can make an educated decision.

Why Monday morning quarterback how he could lie or obfuscate his plan better?

Especially with a bunch of people who glibly admitted that they aren’t going to take the time to actually watch it?


President masculine alpha male and his manly vigor relying on the podium in a manly way to support his girth for 90 minutes:

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Well built podium!


My God. Those chins…

I heard trump was in the running to get his own coaching forum here after Paul Carter left.

User: Coach Trump, can you give an update on the program you promised was coming soon?

Coach Trump: Everyone says it is the best they have ever seen. It works fantastically. Sleepy Jim Wendler - who I’ve heard got 531 from Russia by the way - has had years on this forum and what has he done? Nothing. My plan is very very great. Some say the greatest ever.

User: but when will it be released?

Coach Trump: very very soon. My lawyers told me it’s being audited but very soon. Crooked CT tried to spy on me while I was writing mine. everyone knows it. So horrible because his own programs are a total failure. Best Damn Workout my ass.


Joe woulda had one except for the republican congress.



It was boring. Kayleigh should have made a cameo.


Seriously, Trump looked weak and Biden looked spaced out(look at his eyes). Hard to gauge potential audience response. The moderator did a pretty good job this time, though.

This was well done sir.

I don’t think you give average Americans enough credit. I think people are paying a lot more attention than they used to in regards to politics.

I bet the tens of thousands of people working in the energy industry would disagree with you.

This I agree with. I’m all for renewable energy but wind and solar aren’t the answer. How about more government grants for small start ups who are innovative and can come up with energy solutions that actually work, or who can contain or mitigate the emissions from oil and coal plants. You don’t have to decimate an abrupt industry to solve the problem.

What are you ten years old? I can’t understand why people think the left is so hateful.

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Come on man. :rofl:

A burn is a burn and that was solid.

He has a waddle like a turkey reared on marshmallows and crisco.

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It’s not a good thing.

So we should all just be mindless rubes who think what our betters tell us to think?

Ugh, you politically correct snowflakes need to relax. Maybe return to your safe space if you can’t handle a little joke.

In all seriousness, Trump’s obesity is noteworthy. You can tell a lot about a person by how he treats his body. I can’t help but think of Baron Vladimir Harkonnen when I see photos of the guy.

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That’s not changing any time soon.