Second Debate Throwdown

Post here for coverage on the second debate, just minutes away! Cheer for your guy! Call the other guy a liar and claim your guy won, right hear! Be mean! Stick up for your side! Call each other things… Talk about the other person’s mother. Keep it civil or don’t. But discuss the debate here.

The only thing dumber than watching the debate is discussing the debate. Sports are still a thing, aren’t they?

And we are starting with the latter.

Trump must be getting ready for the BBing stage with that pro tan.

Bleh. Maybe for the Jerry Springer entertainment value. Nah. I’ll read the highlights.

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Highlights? From two guys with a combined age of infinity?


Yeah man, Shaqtin’ a Fool.

Watching football and playing with the daughter. I can read about it just fine.

What about the wisdom of commenting on the wisdom of discussing above only watching? :grinning:

How about them Cowboys?

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I’m more interested in the upcoming ufc. And Chelsea v Man U.

Cowboys was totally a joke…just like Jerry Jones.

Gradually leaving pro team viewing for the most part.

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Biden trying to make emotional appeal on each answer and getting angry look on his face.

Agree. Going for empathy.

Yeah. When he gets hemmed up, quite often–he tries to change the subject and play emotions by pushing the fear buttons.

Jump on the chiefs bandwagon. We got room for you. Andy Reid’s a great guy and so is Mahomes. What size shirt you wear I’ve got a closet full!

I do still prefer college to pro but can’t lie I watch both religiously. Dad was a football coach for 46 years and I coached for 9. Favorite sport by far.

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Love the less predictable college game, but miss smash mouth running at all levels.
Also live near Mahomes hometown - we get their games. He is a good kid, from what l can see.

I have an afc team which is the Chiefs, and an nfc team for my home state. Unfortunately for football it’s the Vikings. I watch all the Chiefs recaps on YouTube.

Became a chiefs fan when I got Mahomes and Kelce in fantasy. Got Mahomes for a buck and everyone made fun of me for picking an unknown guy. I got so many points from those two.

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And Trump just got Joe to describe how he will punish the oil&gas industry.

The Eagles sure suck this year. Six times in the red zone and 10 total points.

Yeah they have been quite the disappointment this year.

But Paul Allen is my second favorite announcer. I mean I’m a Kansas kid and graduated from KSU so I’m super biased towards Mitch as he was the cats before the chiefs. But I listen to Paul’s calls when the Vikings have been on in the past. Dudes awesome.

Second ones a heartbreaker but love the emotion from him.

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Trump had his grand line of attack ready (the Hunter Biden nonsense), and when he used it, he got flipped on his back by a waiting Biden, who immediately got Trump on the defensive about taxes and China.

He got rolled on the one thing he was ready to deploy. Our foreign adversaries love this guy, for this reason.