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Second Cycle


Hi i'm currently planning my second cycle of 750mg test e , DBOL 50mg and maybe deca/EQ(I dont know which to choose please advise!!)

First cycle was done with 500mg test e and 50mg dbol

I would like to know what PCT is required as my supplier tells me that just nolva is enough.

Height: 5'6
weight: 140lbs

Thanks guys


Its sounds to me like your jumping into the too easily mistaken theory or more is better.

My first 3 cycles were 500mg test e and were great. In my opinion there is no point increasing doses and introducing new compounds until you have a clear goal or plan in place. Test is great for all goals, keep it simple and successful.

It also sounds like you are not 100% familiar with using hcg and ais on cycle with a good pct plan to recover with.

My advice would be to perfect a simple cycle before advancing.

As for the deca, you will see me respond to many cycle advice posts regarding deca with the same reply; there is nothing deca does that cant be achieved with other "safer" compounds. For me, the gains dont out weight risks with prolactin issues etc associated with deca. Tren/Eq are all great after some experience.