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Second Cycle


Hey guys,
Im about to start my second cycle and I appreciate professional opinoins on that. I'm 26 6'5 195 lbs
12 weeks cycle
Week 1-10: Test-E 500mg(2ml weekly)
Week 1-12: Arimidex (1.5 mg weekly)
Week 1-4: Dbol (175 mg weekly)
Week 4-12: HCG (500 iu 1ml weekly)
PCT: Nolva (280mg weekly) starting 2weeks after last Test-E shot

What do u think?


Dbol dose seems low. I think you will be dissappointed at anything less than 30mg/day.

Nolva seems unnessecarily high. Some guys start at 40mg/day for a week, but 20mg/day should do the trick. 4 weeks is a good time and 6 doesn't hurt.


You are ridiculously lean right?


Ok, tnx and I already have a Test-E 500 and i need to order more but i cant find test-e 500, mostly they got Test-E 250, can i do 250 like double the amount after i finished my bottle of 500 ?


And yes I am lean now


test-e 500? as in 500mg/ml ?

The most I have ever seen is 300 in person. I've heard of 350 but 500....? So are you running 1 gram of test a week?


My bad it is 250, and the HCG is it necessary for 9 weeks? I read 2-3 weeks is enough but i noticed people are doing it for 8-10 weeks?