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Second Cycle

Hello guys! Im starting to plan my second cycle, as my first cycle i started knowing very little to nothing of what i was doing.
Im planning on 12 week cycle basically like this
W 1-10 Test-E 375mg 2/w and 300mg deca 2/w
W 11 Test-E 300mg 2/w
W 12 Test-E 175mg 2/w with Arimidex .5mg EOD
W 13 Adex .5mg EOD
W 14 Adex .5mg EOD Clomid 150 Daily
W 15 Adex .5mg EOD Clomid 100 Daily
W 16 Adex .5mg EOD Clomid 50 Daily
W 17 Clomid 50 Daily

Please comment and give me suggestions on this cycle, up or down on dosage.
Also i been researching everywhere for Nolva and Clomid. Finding Clomid beeing better for pct becouse of its power stoping the biding of estrogen. As nolva will work kinda similar, doesnt have the same effect on the estrogen binding. Also clomid has WAY MORE sides than nolva. Any suggestion on which one to go with or any other comment?
Im trying to understand lot more of this juice world, as im planning on staying for quiet a bit!!

By the way I gained 15lbs on my first cycle, so far on my 3rd week of pct and still 160lbs.
Im 5’9" 160 lbs my goal is to reach from 175 to 185 lbs
Thanks guys!!

Pct is fucked up. No need to taper down test dosage. Remember to give the esters time enough to clear before starting pct. But right now youre on a fast track to fuck yourself up Just by looking at what you have laid out.

Look man, I can’t be bothered to give you all the reasons why this is a bad idea so I’ll just say this…

If you can ask a stupid question like this, you really shouldn’t be cycling.

[quote]recopadof15 wrote:
Hello guys! I have search alot and still dont find a straight answer. So hopefully you guys will help me here!
My goal is to get mass
So how should i exercise?
I have read to do some supersets, also dropsets. One thing for sure is to keep adding weight after each set. But my question is

What would be the best training method to gain mass??
How many reps? How heavy(not weight, i mean heavy til failure or reps)?
How many times a week to train and what muscle to work with what muscle?
All help and experiance will help!
Thank you guys![/quote]

How old are you btw?

If you are asking how to train there is no way in hell you should be cycling. You should know how YOUR body responds. What works for me may not work for you.

How far into the cycle are you? Also do you understand what deca could potentially do to you?