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Second Cycle

With the help of the steroid newbie sticky, I ran a 12 week cycle of test (500 mg a week) and deca (300mg a week). I’m in the middle of PCT with nolvadex, and was trying to plan my next cycle, given gym input and the vast contradictory info on the web.

My plan for the second cycle was to add in arimidex (like I should have done first time) and simply up the test dose to 700 -750 mg a week. But several of the gym rats I know say the best thing to do would be to add another steroid (tren) at a moderate dose, rather then increase the test (Since it aromatizes, though I assume the arimidex would handle that). I was tempted by the tren idea, since test gave me some wicked shoulder acne. Anyone tried these two approaches and have their results? Got a while until my next cycle and want to make sure I am not jumping the gun or doing something stupid.

So your second cycle you want 500 test, 300 deca, and then some tren also?

I think an Ai would certainly help with a boost in testosterone. Personally, tren made nearly non-existent acne issues with test worsen, so I wouldn’t say “Just use tren to avoid acne”. I think the better thing to do is up the test - test is king IMO.

Yeah, its what I’d intended to do. I actually was thinking of cutting out the deca, so I could get a better feel for how one product differs from another. How much would you up it? I know at some point the gains from simply using more product decrease, but I hear people using things like 2 grams of test a week in some places and other saying that’s way too high.

Definitely going to go with an AI. Had a tiny bit of nipple itch, and used nolvadex. I had some small tittyness when I was a fat kid, so keeping those away is a top priority.