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Second Cycle...


So i just completed my first cycle of test/dbol for 12 weeks. currently i'm in the middle of pct and i'm now planning for my second cycle of test/eq/tbol which would run for 20 weeks. initially i've planned to go 12 weeks with the cycle but i was adviced not to run it this short especially with eq considering it would take a longer cycle in order to reap the full benefits of the quality gains. i've also done a fair bit of research and i would like to try front-loading for the first time on my second cycle as well.

I intend on running it this way
test e - 600mg/week (1 - 20)
eq - 400mg/week (1 - 20)
tbol - 50mgs/day (for the first 40 days)

any comments or advice would be greatly appreciated..


20 week cycle? WHy not just stay on for 52 weeks? Or 10 years?