Second Cycle

Hi everyone I’d like to get some critique/suggestions for a 2nd cycle. I recently finished

w 1 - 4 dbol 50mg/d
w 1 - 13 test enth 400mg
w 1 - 13 adex 0.5mg E2D
w 3 - 14 HCG 250mg E2D

im in the middle of my PCT which is 4 weeks nolva 40 40 20 20, planning not to cycle in the summer then start again in august or september

anyways I have been trying to think of what would be good for a second cycle, so far i thought of

w 1 - (12 to 16) - test enth 500mg
w 1 - (12 to 16) - EQ 500mg
adex as above
HCG as above
pct as above

to kickstart i did not want to do an oral because i had some bad side effects such as frequent abdo cramps, frequent bowel movements, inability to sleep…so i thought to do a start with 100mg prop E2D for a month.
my concerns with this cycle are the increase in the finite amount of aas from the first one…there is more than double the anabolics. And even though eq is less androgenic than test, with the 400mg from the first cycle i did see a fair bit of hair growth and acne. so what’s to be expected on this one…

if you’d change anything with this, what would it be? i have almost all common substances available to me and have thought about GH as well. let me know your thoughts please and thank you


Why are you skipping the summer?

The cycle is fine, I would do 12wks 600mg test instead of 500mg. Expect sides if you take the proper things to control them they won’t get out of hand. GH isn’t a bad idea either.

thanks for the reply
skipping the summer because i won’t be able to dedicate full time to training, i’ll be moving around quite a bit
and regarding the gh, the only thing really deterring me is that i can’t seem to find a clear answer about whether you need to use insulin or any sort of sensitizers with it…lot of people say no its fine short term but others say that it is needed

No prob, I understand the summer thing but still think you need to do something to maintain but that is up to you. Test only and every body part twice a week(can be sort of light) should do the tick.

As for the GH, insulin should be used if this is a concern I’d go with IGF-1, you won’t burn as much fat but it works great and nothing else is needed(recommended). I am no doctor nor do I consider myself a pro but my doc(who regulates my cycles) informed me of the pros/cons, IGF-1 seems to be a great alternative. Good luck. Let me know how it went.