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Second Cycle


I am thinking about My second cycle. I have decided not to go so heavy this time around. It's been over 2 years. I have had alot of strength gains and much definition since late 2004. Last time around I went up to 500mgs of sustonon and 200 mgs of deca durabolin per week w/25mgs of tamoxifin per day. This was way 2 intense.

for my next cycle I'm thinking of
250 mgs of sustonon or 200mgs enathate
100mgs of deca durabolin
every 2 weeks
and 25mgs of tamoxifin every other day
for 20 weeks.
I'm thinking of maybe doing it 1 week test one week deca for 20 weeks.

whats the best PCT? I'm thinking of going basic. "More tamoxifin"
Or would you recomend doing 2 cycles 1 of Test and one of Deca? I've used Deca before by itsef, I realy liked it by itself.

And Would 1 cycle of either deca or test be better than 2 of each ie.
Deca for 20 weeks at 100mgs per week? Because for Me 200 mgs per week was more than I needed.
If I had to choose 1 or the other it would be deca.
Please advise.



If the results from 200mg of Nandrolone a week were not really what you wanted, then i would not suggest dropping the dose to a considerably less effective level but that still has 100% inhibition (20 weeks? jesus - tou think that is 'light' do you man?) but using a different drug altogether.

Something like Winstrol, Anavar, Turinabol would all be considerably better suited for you.

Of course 100mg of nandrolone and 200mg of Test every 2 weeks is only 50mg of Nandrolone and 100mg of Test every week and this is not far from what the body produces naturally, and once inhibition occurs (and it most certainly will after a single shot of Nandrolone) this will do nothing but replace your natural androgen levels.

Bad cycle, terrible plan.

I have 2 paths of advice for you:

1) If the results you want are so moderate i expect you could achieve them wih a little time and dedication without drugs.

2) If you must use drugs to achieve moderation, then use something milder than Nandrolone and Testsoterone. Something that will not only give you what you want but that will be considerably easier to recover from.



10 weeks goes by so fast.
I have never used primobolan. Would this be a better cycle
100 mgs of primo bolin per week for 10 weeks?
I just want a nice soft pump and would i get away with using anti e's with a cycle like this?
The reason why I want to go so low volume is because it took Me a long time to recupe from a big 500mg of of enathate cycle and I was sounding like the incredible Hulk. Plus I was lifting heavier than My Tendons could take. 110 lb dumbells were easy to high volume but recovery was slow. I would be comfortable with 70lb. dumbells for 18 sets of 10reps per week. I was almost hitting 20 reps of 110lb. dumbells
Is a 20 week cycle to long on low dosages? Plus, My own personal testosterone versus the engineered test is no competion, I took some testosterone booster a couple of times and I sounded just like My dad which was really funny! lmao


So on cycle you were strong enough to lift 110lb dbs for sets of 20? That is very strong you know..?

Also you say you would be happy with a cycle that allowed you to lift 70lb dbs (it doesn't work like that) which suggests you cannot lift 70lbs now..

So you jumped from below 70lb dumbbells to 110lb dbs for sets of 20 during one cycle?

How peculiar. You should be a strength athlete my friend.


[quote] Brook wrote:

1) If the results you want are so moderate i expect you could achieve them wih a little time and dedication without drugs.

This was my first thought....


Actually I jumped from using 50lb dumbells to 110lb dumbels and I am now back at 55 to 70lb dumbells without gear depending on My mood. Also that is My problem I do not want to get into sports. Every body and there mother is into sports.
I am gone Folks, thanks for all of your help. I was greatly appreciated. I really owe You Guys!