Second Cycle

Hey i am wondering how often and how much i should use if i stack Finajet, Primabolan and Winestrol?

I weigh about 83kg and i want to gain more muscle and get more hard when the summers comes.

This is my second cycle, last year i used testo, syst and deca.
I went up to 90kg then but this xmas i did not train or eat, i was sick so i lost much weight.


Wrong site - here we discuss the intellectual and considered use of Performance Enhancement drugs.

You are neither, no offence pedro.


What the hell is Finajet, Primabolan, and Winestrol?

Are these just spelling mistakes, or are those the actual names of the products you are intending to purchase?

Also I don’t see any mention of anything that resembles test.

Finajet = Trenbolon (Hexa - Acetat - Enantat)
Winestrol = Winstrol/Stanozolol
Primabolan = Primobolan ( Metenolon Enantat og Acetat)

Sorry, my mistake… some spelling mistakes.

What you mean no test?

But anyway i thought about this as my second cycle:

Week 1 - 4: Trenbolon
Week 4- 8 : Primobolan and Winstrol/Stanozolol
Week 8 - 12: Testosterone Enantat or Propionat
PCT: Clenbuterol and HCG

But how much should i take (mg) and how often?

I`l also post my diet for now,


6 whole eggs
100grams oatmeal with 3-4spoons of jam
/and some supplements


250grams mutant mass


200grams chicken
100grams rice


200grams chicken/beef
100grams pasta/rice or some potatos
/and some supplements

18.00: 1L milk /and some supplements

20:00 250grams mutant mass /and some supplements


200grams beef
100grams rice

some supplements

This is what im eating now…

I am going to eat more week after week so when i star the cycle im max on the diett plan.

Wk1-4 Trenbolone acetate
wk1-10 Primo enth
wk1-12 Test Proprionate

I am not a big fan of winstrol especially for a bulking cycle so I would just leave it out… I would run the tren for wk1-6 if possible, dont know if you have enough

I see, but 12 weeks with testo? i was thinking about a cycle with not so much bloating but more hard musclemass. I have not bought it yet so i can get Tren for about 6 weeks.

Another question, i cant seem to get a hold on Prima, i can, but it costs very much at the moment, so what about Deca or Masteron?

And can i ask why i should not use Winstrol? It is a good stacker is it not?

And if 12 weeks with Testo prop, what about Sustanon or Testo enantat instead?

And for my PCT, do anyone have exp with hCG?

what are your goals of this cycle?

My goal is bulking, i am an hardgainer, but i dont want to bloat so much, i dont see any other point in bloating so much other than getting your ego higher.

Well i dont got so much experience, but this is my second cycle and i have read much about it. My las cycle was a disaster i think since i got very sick in the middle of the cycle, but now i am going again and this time i am prepping more. Like, i am going to the doctor next week to check my liver values, testosterone levels and such.

Oh okay
well what products are available to you?
Trenbolone can cause a lot of people to lose their appetite; making it a poor choice in that regard for bulking…
Bloat will more be determined by diet and your ability to control estrogen.
Read this

Products available for me:

Testosterone prop
testosterone enantat

I think i can get more products but these are the ones i know of now.

What do my ability to control estrogen got to do with bloating?

I can get a hold of Nolva, adex etc
But maby im wrong about bloating, i mean that i dont want to gain so much water on my cycle, that is why i chose Trenbolone, and i have heard that you make good gains i musclemass and you get hard and defined.

If you want to do a proper bulk then you shouldn’t worry about the bloat imo.

Incresed Estrogen usually leads to increased fat and water retention.

I think Test/Deca/Dbol is the trifecta of bulking and all three of those should be available to you at cheaper prices than primo/tren. You will probably get more out of them too…Just Test and Dbol would probably be fine and if ran with adex you should limit the amount of aromatization leading to less water retention imo…

I also don’t think you know enough about AAS in general to be using, no offense but your asking really basic questions.

I think you need to read up on all the possible compounds you may be using, and all the stickies here before starting anything.

Don’t take it personal I’m trying to help.


What do my ability to control estrogen got to do with bloating?


LOL you are soo prepared to use steroids… READ my friend READ

If you are a hardgainer, you shouldn’t be worried about fat gain, since if you have a hard time putting on muscle, you won’t put on fat readily either.

If you want put on more muscle, you have to be willing to have some bloat and some fat gain. Just being honest.

The water from intramuscular bloat increases the muscle cross-sectional area increasing strength MASSIVELY. (Muscle cross-section is directly proportionate to its power).

It allows better transport of certain nutrients too.

The water is indicative of increased estrogen which is also an anabolic hormone - granted anabolic to adipose! However estrogen will increase IGF levels, which is HIGHLY anabolic - as you should know.

Fact is, growth NEEDS estrogen, especially massive growth and restricting its prescence to the maximum by using only non-aromatisable steroids will affect your ability to grow in the long term.

Trust me, even if one uses the most powerful and watery AAS available (test, deca, drol, dbol etc) etc)$ it STILL takes years AND dilligent nutrition and training progressions and dedication to build an impressive physique.
There arent many who dont have to try - they exist, but they either become competitors in sport or they dont even think about starting to get off the couch!