Second Cycle, What to Stack with Test?

Hey all,

First cycle (July 2018) was 500mg of test prop and .5mg letrozole eod for 10 weeks. Felt great, solid results and no real side effects except hardly been able to walk as test prop fkn hurts.!! I took the low dose of letrozole for precautionary reasons as I started it from week 2 and didn’t have symptoms.

I’m 3 weeks into my second cycle, 650mg sustanon 250 only. After doing more reading I’m not taking an AI unless I develop symptoms. Have clomid and nolva for PCT.

I’d like some advice for the best oral to stack with the test for weeks 4 - 10. I seem to be getting more water retention this cycle I really want to drop the bf% and lean right up. Instead of stacking should I go back to a low dose of letrozole to decrease water retention.?

Thanks in advance!

Depends on your goal. More mass? Dbol or anadrol. Lean mass? Anavar, winstrol, or tbol. Diet will play a big part in the overall appearance and bloat, but some things will exacerbate that situation. If the goal is to stay on the leaner side then you can’t go wrong with any of the three I mentioned.

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Iron gave you some good input. I will add in Proviron, it literally makes any cycle better! It will help keep your gains clean lean and dry. It has an anti estrogen like effect, so it can help with that bloat you are experiencing. It’s the only common oral that is non toxic plus you can run it for extended times and still be safe. It’s in the DHT family so it can help counter point that test your on. It’s also rarely faked.

Really any DHT will help you keep the bloat down and help keep the gains quality vs dirty. Anavar and winstrol are also DHTs but anavar is so often faked I can’t recommend you try to get some until you have a legit source. Neither one will convert into estrogen. Anadrol is technically a DHT but it’s the weird one that makes you bloat like you have tons of estrogen in you yet it doesn’t convert into estrogen.

Tbol and dbol are in the test family. Dbol will add more stuff for your body to turn into estrogen, it is a heavy aromatizer. Tbol is dry, it doesn’t convert into estrogen.

Out of the ones Iron recommended anavar and tbol are the less harsh on your liver compounds. They are still liver toxic just not quite as bad as the others.

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Thanks lads I’ll look to go either winny or proviron.

Get my blood results next week and will decide if to take an AI or not, the conflicting information out there is overwhelming.!!!