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Second Cycle Thoughts

Hello all, a few weeks ago I finished my first cycle. It consisted of 10 weeks 500mg Test E weekly. Gained about 22 pounds of solid mass and now, up to now (one week after PCT) I kept 18 pounds solid.

I want to plan a second cycle now and start it in September and then take a 6 months off. I would like to know your opinions. I would prefer to stick to injectables only, is it a good idea?

What do you think of sust and deca stack? Or is it too early to stack and should stick to sust only?? And what dosage would you recommend?

Thanks guys


A good rule is time on + PCT = time off. So a ten week cycle, assuming 2 weeks between the last pin and a 4 week PCT is 16 weeks. If September is 16 weeks after your cycle, by all means jump on again.

I think test and deca is a fine choice for a second cycle. Do a bit of reading up in Deca first though. It’s quite suppressive and not everyone tolerates it all that well. You need to think about things like caber during your cycle.

Ahh OK, I will start it later then, thanks for advice. Like you said, I’m a little bit afraid of deca because in my area I don’t know about anybody having caber available, don’t like thouse prolactin issues and I would like to reduce suppression to minimum. I’m in basis an ectomorph and I think that long suppression is not what I’m looking for. :slight_smile:

What alternative comes to your mind for deca? Or should I just stick to stust only? As for orals, I don’t know if gains from them are keepable if I for example added some oral to this sust cycle.


The majority of people who use Deca don’t use caber (you can also use Pramipexole of Bromocriptine) and are fine, but it’s a risky business. High prolactin is no joke and it can take MONTHS to recover from! Not trying to scare you or anything, just making you aware of potential risks.

A fairly easy way to get a good cycle for yourself would just be to increase your test from 500/wk to 750/wk and add some dbol for the first 4 weeks.

It’s not the compound that decides whether or not you keep your gains, it’s your diet, training and PCT. Some drugs, like dbol for example, can make you hold more water than others so you might gain more scale weight which you’ll lose when you come off, but that’s not muscle you’re losing.

Think of it like this: Person A does a cycle with “wet” compounds like Deca and Dbol, gains 20lbs and loses 10lbs during PCT. In his mind, he’s lost 10lbs so the gains weren’t keepable. Person B uses “dry” compounds like Tren or something, gains 12lbs and loses 2lbs in PCT. They’ve both gained 10lbs, which is a solid gain, but their perspectives are totally different.

Long story short - I reckon you’d be happy with the results of a 12 week cycle of 750mg test, with 40mg dbol every day for the first 4 weeks.

OK, thanks for your opinion. But is really necessary to jump in my second cycle ever that high with testosterone? I mean… Is my sensitivity so decreased after just one cycle, that I should jump from 500 to 750 weekly?

And what do you think of frontloading?

Honestly I was thinking about doing again 500 Test and adding 200-300 Deca and thought that it would be a good one. :-/

no, there’s no reason necessarily to jump to that high a test dose, you could probably just do the exact same cycle as before and be happy with the results. I was just giving an option.

Your proposed cycle of 500mg test and 300mg Deca is fine.

I believe every cycle should be frontloaded, yes.

if your scared of deca and wet stuff go with equipoise, it works similair to deca but it’s dryer and not a progestin