Before Cycle:
27 yrs. old
190 lbs
12-14% BF
7 yrs. lifting

Cycle 1 (complete):
W1-15: 500mg test cyp/wk.
W1-15: adex .5mg eod
W16-17: (bridge) 25mg Dbol ed while test esters clear
W18-19: (PCT) 40mg nolva ed; 100mg clomid ed

Effects, aside from obvious aesthetic progress:
squat: from 225 to 345 for reps
DL: from 245 to 385 for reps; 415 1RM
Bench: from 185 to 235 for reps

I will wait 15 wks. before my next cycle.

Cycle 2:
W1-12: 750mg test/wk.
W1-12: 400mg deca/wk.
W1-12: adex .5mg eod
W1-6: 75mg Dbol ed
W3-12: HCG 500IU/wk.
W13-14: (bridge) anavar (or low-dose Dbol)
W15-16, or W15-18: (PCT) nolva and clomid


  1. what do you think of my second cycle?
  2. Should I raise my deca dosage?
  3. Is it alright to end my deca the same time I end my test?
  4. How long should PCT be; some state 2wks. is fine, others swear by 4.
  5. Deca will cause progesterone s/e - should I use cabergoline or pramipexole?