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Second Cycle - Test/Winny/Clen/T3

Hello brothers, Im starting my second cycle and i need your comments on this.
Im age 30, 5’7, 175lbs with 18%bf, have been training for 10years.
I have done lgd with s4 sarms for 2months then after 3months i did my First cycle with testE 400mg/week for 12 weeks with proper pct with mk2866 and gw501516.

Now i am to compete in a physique competetion on march 2019.
My cycle would be
Week1-12 TestE 250mg/week
Week 6-12 winy 50mgeod
Week 5,6,8,9,11,12 clen increasing dose per day (2week on /2 week off)
Week 6-12 t3 50-100mg

Arimidex week 3-10

Pct with nolva and clomid with mk2866 and gw501516

Thoughts on this cycle please

Thanks a lot

That’s not a proper pct. Ostarine is suppressive. It does literally the opposite of what you’re trying to accomplish during pct. Where did this idiotic idea come from? Please tell me you did your research on Evo.

Ok so I take away the sarms. Comments on the cycle

Do you have any experience with t3? That would be my only concern. But otherwise that’s a good cutting cycle. With only 250 test per week you may not even need an AI. Obviously have it on hand in case, but you could very well get away with using none, which would be nice. I assume you’re using injectable winstrol, based on the eod dosing.

Do you take any stimulants normally? If so probably set them aside while you’re on the clen. My only experience with it was back in 2001 when my buddy was using some to cut after his first bulk. He’d put on 40lbs on a 12 week cycle (he was 20 and attempting to get ready for classic physique the next year) and he needed to cut fat. So he started on clen. Watching him sweat in our Constitutional Law class made me so uncomfortable that I said no thanks when it came time to place another order. But he had great results. But he learned by day three that he couldn’t have coffee and clen within the same day. So just keep your eye on that.

Nope this would be my first time with t3, thats why im doing a lower dose and will limit the cycle. I think I have a very high tolerance to stimulants since I have been on pre workouts for 2 whole years. As Advised I will also drop all stimulants plus coffee.

But I think I want to put in eq for 12 week at 300/week, since there are a lot of good reviews as it can be used for cutting also. What do you think?