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Second Cycle Test/Tren


Hey, long time lurker

Looking to run a second cycle, how's this look? Sounds like lots of people have had success with low test/high tren. Looking for a little bit of a recomp. First cycle was test e, 500...pretty standard. Went from 170->195, now at 190. Bf maybe 15% @ 5'10.

200 test e/wk
600 tren ace/wk

Maybe throw in some drol for a few weeks at the end if I'm responding well.

8 weeks

Standard pct nolva

Do I need an AI with a TRT dosage of test? Would pinning E.O.D be ok for the tren? Should I run caber, just have it on hand, don't worry about it?

What are people's next favorite site besides glutes?


For me, quads and shoulders as far as sites go.

Why not run higher test too? Any reason you don't want to?


Just anecdotally seems like many are reporting fewer sides w/ low test/high tren so I figured I'd give it go. If it sucks as far as sides I guess I learned something about myself and I'll have to do the reverse or change it up.


Pretty much the same cycle I just finished a little over a month ago. pin the tren ED, keeps you levels stable which should help with some sides. I ran 30mg/day of prop along with 80mg/day of Tren. No sides besides night sweats. I tapered my tren up, wish I just went right away with the 80mg but better safe I guess. I ran an AI but i also ran dbol for the first 5 weeks. I would run caber throughout, I used Prami at .25mg ed for last 6 weeks, can't comment on caber dose. The trt dose of test seemed to keep the nasty sides away that i'm sure you've heard about. Fist time tren user id suggest running it the way you have it layed out.


Looks good, I would run the caber


Should I skip the AI? Never had gyno issues but tren is a different beast.


Tren doesn't aromatize, therefore estrogen should be non exsistant from it. I don't think AI is needed unless you add a kickstart of dbol, or drol


200mg/ of test is not a trt dose, use an AI


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200mg/week of test is on the HIGH end of a hormone replacement dose.

Other factors besides t dosage that can increase aromatase activity would be your age, alcohol use, how much fat you're carrying, insulin levels and gonadotropins.

Also remember unless you want breast enlargement there is no one size fits all table of doses. You may be more predisposed to estrogen synthetase than the next dude.

So the essence here is always plan on using an AI if you are injecting more than 100mg or so of test. Make sure you have a prescription from your doctor.

And don't play with blasting caps.

P.S. you know you can inject subcutaneously don't you?




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I haven't had any problems with gyno running the test w/ no AI. Even adding 50mg dbol only got slightly itchy nips which I cured with .25 of adex now and then, didn't take it consistently. Actually its weird I've had a nagging shoulder injury that finally healed and I might actually give the credit to high E2- joints feel a lot better. BUT I hear tren can aggravate gyno, not sure if that's bro science or not, even if it doesn't directly convert itself. Maybe I'll play it safe with .25 a day- stuff is cheap enough.

What would you recommend for injecting subq- 28g 1"? The gear wouldn't fit in a slin pin. What do you mean by blasting caps?


Drop the test dose to 100mg, I would use prop instead. Inject both compounds ED.