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Second Cycle Test E

hey guys heres my stats.
20 years old 160lbs bf 15%

first cycle was last year september
sust week 1-10 600mg a week
dbol week 1-4 30mg/day then 4-8 50mg/day
gained a solid 18-19lbs but lost about 40% of gains right after. had abit of gyno but didnt do anything about it and it actually left after my cycle. i did not pct as i went to prison on the exact of completing week 10 lol. test levels got back to normal surprisingly with no side effects. pretty good gainz from this cycle just wish i had kept more of it. lost just a tad bit of strength too but still a fuck load stronger than when i started the cycle. diet was clean, heavy on protein.

anyway got out of prison and im back in the gym for about a month now. planning on starting my second cycle of test E for 10weeks as follows

test e week 1-10 600mg/week(300mg mon&thur)
arimidex week 1-10 .5mg ed ***
pct nolva 40|40|20|20

*** for arimidex was thinking if i should do .5mg eod instead? or .25 ed. or stick to .5mg ed. just paranoid of gyno. still surprised it went away during my previous cycle, i was convinced it was gonna stay forever as it was hard.

please share your thoughts on my cycle and any suggestions if i should stack this cycle with dbol or something else? my main goal for this cycle is to gain as much lean muscle as possible. i eat fucking alot and clean on cycle and train 5-6days a week even now. was actually considering a tren a test p 6 week cycle but read up and decided i am not ready for tren. anyway please share your thoughts thanks broskis. cheers

I know you probably dont want to hear this but at 160 pounds you could still be making some serious gains without gear man. What’s your height? Training big and eating bigger, youd put on a substantial amount in the next 6-12 months.

Cycle looks fine, keep the adex dose to .5mg with pins and see how you go from there, you will not get anything permanent from the gyno in the time it takes to raise your adex dose and lower e2 (as you’ve already seen). Normally takes 7-10days after you increase dosage to feel the effects. Haven’t used dbol myself but from what ive seen most guys say to stay low and only run it 4-6weeks

Edit: forgot to mention, dont start your adex until 2-3 weeks in, you wont need it and itll just cause issues if you start it too early.

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Agreed. He’s YOUNG and a good deal of natural gains left in the tank based on size and age.

Hold off man, not worth it, yet.

You started when you were around 19-20, and weighed 145-150lbs, and you went to prison (unrelated)…I’m starting to think that maybe you don’t make awesome life choices. Maybe do the opposite of whatever it is you’re thinking of doing. It might keep you out of trouble in the future.