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Second Cycle Test E


Hello everyone, new to posting here but been reading for a while. Decided it's time to introduce myself and my next cycle.

Age 28, been working out for some good time now and am about to finish my first cycle(sustanon 250, 500/week). Got some solid gains with it but not satisfied and thus I want to start a new cycle in about 2 months or so after I do PCT and get my blood tested.

My workout routine is pretty good, 5 days/week, around 3 hours/day and 35 sets of 12 reps/muscle group. Diet is in check also, 350g of protein/day and around 200g of carbs, I stay away from fats.
BF is around 16% but by the time I start the second cycle I will be at 12-13%.

The cycle I was thinking about is TestE 800/week(split into 2 shots wednesday and sunday). I am thinking of a 3 months cycle maybe 2 and a half if I get where I want fast.
I was also thinking to add something else to the cycle but I am unsure what at this point so any ideas would be welcomed.

The goal is simple, I want to gain mass and get stronger. PCT will be nolva and clomid.
Thanks for reading and for any tips.





You sound like a complete newb. To be completely honest.


Care to extend those 2 thoughts please?
But before I will play ball. I stay away from fats because of health problems, the workout is actually pretty easy and short IMO and I got addicted, if I dont do my 3 hours/day I feel like shit the whole day, specially since I workout in the morning.


3 hours to do 35 sets??

So assuming each set (of 12 reps) is one minute, then you're taking 4 minutes to rest in between each set? Can't imagine why you're not seeing the gains you want....GJDM


Damn brah that's a heavy routine but to each his own. I know at one point in time I had a similar routine in the sense that I was doing the same thing every time I went to the gym. My body just got used to it and I plateaued and ceased to make any progress or gains. In order for me to break thru my "rut" and gain some size and strength I had to do something different. I like to keep my body guessing and instead of having a "routine" I just have three exercises per muscle group that I rotate out and give each muscle group 48 hrs to rest and recover in between. Rest is just as important as lifting. After I started doing this I noticed that I was getting more out of my workouts and was truly wore out and sore at the end of my work out. If your not sore then your not growing your just toning and maintaining. So you do a full body work out everyday five days a week or did I misinterpret your post?


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I do a full body wo every week but I always change the way I wo every week. One week I do supersets, the other week I do a more "relaxed" workout next week it's time to pull and push very heavy, etc. I also change the type of exercise each week. Dont think it's a bad routine, I'm training with a guy that's the size of a jeep and I do his workout(not as heavy fcourse).


Toby and bushido no I don't take 4 mins to fart around since I train 2 groups each day not just one.
And you can keep a good intensity for 3 hours(perhaps not full) if you are pumped nuff. After 3 scoops of BSN NO explode you can actually keep on it for 5 hours and you're still on turbo mode. If the guy I train with got to the size of a frikin bull with this type of workout it means he knows what he is doing.
But we are away from the road, my question was about a second cycle, Test E 800/week split into 2 injections and I was curious if it's nuff or should I stack it with something else and if yes with what.
Thank you.


Im getting the impression that youre not actually a troll. I could easily be wrong though.

The funny thing is that your posts can be copied word for word and be used in the 'trolling 101' handbook.

Seriously. Youre lost.


So I'm a troll because I excercise in other ways than yours? And because I stay away from fat?
And if people take the time to bash me can they take a bit more to also answer what I asked?


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Red, I appreciate you are training with someone who is big but maybe he just grows easily no matter what he does because some people are lucky in this respect. Perhaps you should BOTH search the forums here for what has been tried and tested and follow that instead. Ask yourself this question - who is more likely to be right about training out of a guy I know at the gym or 100s of bodybuilders on a well respected forum. Just use common sense and follow a good routine (then switch it to another good routine after a couple of months.)

Just offering some friendly advice so take it if you want or just leave it behind - up to you :slight_smile:


No, I said I DONT think youre a troll. But you sound exactly like what somoene looking to troll a forum would say. That's not a good sign, for obvious reasons.


Also the fact that you eat 2,200 calories on a regular basis but are still on the fluffy side is a clear sign that your diet isnt ideal.

Leave your head lodged up your ass if you want, but ignoring the problems doesnt make them cease.


You asked for tips.

That's exactly what you are receiving.

Did you really expect much discussion on the simplest possible cycle to run?


Ok I will take a look at the forums and see what w/o routines are around and see what I can use.
Will take a look at the diet to tho it's a bit early to trash it as I only started this diet not to long ago.
Bonez... you keep bringing up the trolls but with no offence all you did in this thread is troll me. Not one of your replies had to do with my cycle or good advice.
As for a simple cycle, maybe it is for you, for me it would be my second. The simplest for me was the 500/week of sustanon 250. I think it's legit to ask if I should shoot 800 Test E and Deca or no Deca.


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I did not include any fats for 2 main reasons, when I started working out with my hulk friend I was at around 30%BF, yes not a typo, 30%. Long story nevermind.
Second reason was that fats mess up my already upset stomach, I have gastric ulcer, the second I introduce fats in my diet I get excruciating pain and I have the sensation that I need to vomit the whole damn day.

So the w/o has the problem that it's to long not that it has to many sets/reps? Basicly if I can do the same w/o in... 1 hour and keep the sets at 35 /12 reps it would be ok? Considering I train 2 groups / day.


Excuse me. I guess I missed where you asked for advice ONLY pertaining to your cycle.

But then again, IMO, advice about diet and training pertains DIRECTLY to how good or bad a cycle will potentially be.


Here you are right.
Anyway it's been a long list of yappin about stuff and in the end I will try to do the same w/o just not in the same ammount of time, I will try to cut the lenght to less than half.
I guess that should work right? Or not?
The diet... Damn fats, I am unsure I can benefit from them, IMO it is not worth it to spend a whole day in pain, each day I takem. Perhaps boosting the carbs might help?
As for the cycle I'm set on doing 800 Test E and 300 Deca both split in 2 injections/week. This fcourse after I get under 14%BF. Will use arimidex during the cycle and nolva for PCT.
Anyone care to brainstorm over this?