Second Cycle, Test E and Sust

I am going to start my second cycle it will be Test E and Sust 300 1 1/2cc Test E every 5 days and 1cc sust every 3rd day also ill be using Liquidex AI 2ML and N2Guard every day PCT will be HCG and forge from n2b…note my first cycle i was 128lbs i bench 180Lbs i bench 225lbs when i was 150Lbs and when i was 165Lbs i benched 315Lbs 2 times also squats 315Lbs 3 times leg press 750lbs.

i am 5’5 11% bdyf i use Test E and Tren for 3 and half month i went up to 165lbs and never use any PCT because i didnt knew to much about it but i never had any side effect i was good after,i did my blood work and Doc told me i am all good so here i am ready to start my seconf cycle to be ready for summer…any sugestion on PCT and my new cycle thanks a lot for any advices.