Second Cycle - Test E 500 mg only?

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for some advice for my second cycle (starting either this summer, or next year). My first cycle consisted of just Test E 500 mg / week for 10 weeks. Pinned 2x 250mg every 3.5 days alternating quads, and got amazing results. (Training was on point, as well as diet. I aimed for around 8 hours of sleep every night, and tried to get more if I could). Gained around 25 lbs, felt great, strength went up like crazy, and I looked extremely muscular. Noticed side effects were mainly a little bit of acne on my back, and a little more oily skin, but that’s about it. Also, I’ve been training for about 4 years, on and off.

Some of my stats currently:

20 y/o
185 lbs (84 kg)
14% BF.

If there’s anything else I need to include, let me know and I can include it in replies.

I had an AI on hand that I used, and PCT was clomid (looking back, I probably should’ve used more than just clomid, as I believe that PCT is crucial). I don’t plan to go into extreme detail about what

For my second cycle, I’m thinking about either taking another simple cycle like Test E 500mg again or Test E with dbol, but with some research I am a little afraid of the side effects of dbol. They seem to be worse than Test E. Also, for PCT, should I run Nolva and Clomid, or Nolva, Clomid, and HCG?

Anyways, any bit of personal experience or information really helps, I want to do as much research as I possibly can to make this cycle better. I am open to any response, and will take ANY advice. Thanks again for anyone who responds, it is much appreciated.

Dbol has side effects that can be hard to control, but it’s dose dependent. If you take 20mg then the e2 isn’t as hard to control versus 50mg.

Pct can be just Nolva. Frankly that’s better as far as side effects when compared to Clomid. HCg should never be in a pct. Period.

If you made good gains on test only then why stray from that? If it works then keep doing it.

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I like a dbol jump start to cycles. The only problem is the deflating effect when you stop. It can kind of seem like your cycle has gone backwards. Yes there are more side effects but I think many people start with too high of a dose. You can get amazing results from as little as 20-30mg/day. Keep it on the lighter side if you do and run it for 4-5 weeks, 6 weeks max if you must.

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My first cycle was just like yours. I’m 3.5 weeks into my second, and it is Test E 500 weekly and Dbol 30mg a day

It feels amazing. BUT, my blood pressure has gotten pretty high from it. Hovering around 155/60.

Love the feeling, but the blood pressure has me thinking about dropping it.

Hows the Dbol + test feel in comparison to just test?

Also thanks for the replies everyone.

Dbol gave me a great sense of well being, insane pumps and very watery/volume filling look. It works quickly which is awesome. It also gave me high BP, nose bleeds, and a bad deflating crash with the loss of the water weight upon discontinuing use.

As the guy above said, great sense of well being, massive pumps, significant strength increase, felt great in the gym. But the high blood pressure has me worried and ready to drop it.

I didn’t feel the Test until ~5wks in last time. I felt then dbol on day 2.

I hate dbol. It’s ok if I don’t want to be able to fuck all day. Other than that nice sense of well being.

Thanks everyone for your replies. I think I might just not use dbol, as when I came off my first cycle of just test e 500 mg / w, I felt pretty sad with losing some of my results, I couldn’t imagine looking like a water buffalo then coming off and losing that size.

In this case, I might just pin Test E 500 mg / week for maybe 10-12 weeks? I have other questions such as should I start low dose then higher ? for example, on a 12 week cycle, I would do 250 / week for 2 weeks, then 500.

For PCT, Nolva AND clomid? I’m more concerned about trying to keep as much of the gains as possible (As when I come off, size will obviously be lost). I want to make this cycle better than my first, hence the research and questions. Thanks again everybody.

Pick either nolva or clomid. I prefer raloxifene. But it’s hard to get. Nolva is cheap

Just run the 500 / week from the start, test E takes weeks to reach steady blood levels anyway so running 250 for the first 2 weeks then 500 from then on would only prolong that.

I second what @deanis55 said start at the 500mg dose. I tried the starting low and working up and I regretted it. But I also got to 500mg and stayed there for 16weeks. I ran 600mg for 10months of 18 and made great gains but the other drugs used throughout fucked things a lil. Like I’ll probably never run tren again. Or deca. Npp maybe but probably not. EQ and Test maybe some orals for this guy.

I dont know if this is a dumb question or not but when your running dbol do you take it 7 days a week? If I’m not training on Saturday and Sunday would I still take dbol?

Yes or your blood levels would never be steady

With a 4 to 6 hour half life it doesnt seem like you could get steady blood levels unless your splitting it up three times a day?

Well yes ideally splitting it up several times a day with a half life of 5 hours would be ideal. Skipping 2 days though would be counterproductive regardless of your daily dosing schedule though right?

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I agree with you I’m just trying to wrap my head around the use of these orals. I’ve never used them personally and I am curious how to use them properly. How and when to dose in regards to training and nutrition. I found an article that stated on non training days to split it up throughout the day and on training days you could take the whole dose before training.

My take on the orals is mostly to give you a bit of a head start while waiting for your longer esters to build steady levels like test e and c. So in saying that with the 5 hour half life, dosing 2-3 times a day (that may be impractical for some) should get you as close to steady blood levels as you’ll ever get.
Taking it prior to training would be great for your training session in regards to mentality when it comes to lifts etc but the growing is done outside of the gym so I would imagine dosing the same as every other day would probably be more beneficial.

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14 percent isn’t considered a high bodyfat for medical standards but at 20 it’s creeping up into the high area. At 20 using aromatizing compounds can be a recipe for disaster. Either try leaning up 2 percent or so just wait a few years.

Hey alldayeveryday, I was curious to know how you felt on a test e only cycle? Did you find you made some shredz while taking test e only?