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Second Cycle Suggestions?

Hey guys. Let’s start off with this… I’m not a pro, I am not extremely versed in the juice category. I have been working out for about 3-4 years. Typically 4-6 days a week. I’m a hard gainer. I battle to weigh more than 190 pounds at 6’. I am about 30 days off of my first cycle PCT. I ran 250mg test e twice weekly for 12 weeks. I ended up gaining about 17 pounds during the cycle, which I was extremely happy with. I saw my PRs go up which again, I was satisfied with. I am wanting to take it up a notch and add something on top of the t for my next cycle. Any suggestions? I would like to see size and strength but not do a seriously extreme cycle. Just want to add a little something into the mix.

Depends how much you want to gain, how much risk you want to take, and how much you want to spend.

Nandrolone is the natural choice for second cycle gains. Packs on lots of mass, promotes joint health, and is all-around a solid drug. But…the problem is that it can be pretty brutal if you get the side effects that come with it. It’s also probably not very healthy for your heart or your brain, so that’s not exactly a low risk endeavor.

Equipoise is another option. Again, solid mass builder, but the doses tend to be higher because it’s “weak”. I don’t know that I fully believe that narrative, but I’ve never touched it so I cannot speak from experience.

Primobolan is like an engineered version of everything you’d want in a steroid as far as minimizing side effects. But it comes with a huge price tag and requires a heftier dose than some are comfortable with.

Then you have all the oral options. A lot of times those are a good temporary measure that eventually can lead to more permanent gains, but it’s more indirect over a longer timeline.

The question is what do you want and how much risk will you be comfortable with when it comes to your goals?

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