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Second Cycle Stack Help

First I want to thank everyone for helping me with my first cycle. I am not quite a month into it and wow! I am seeing fantastic results. I am putting on major bulk, I am realizing huge gains in my lifts, looking and feeling great.
I took a long long time to think about what I wanted to get from it and to plan the whole thing out.

This is what It looks like right now

Test Enth 1.5cc x2 a week
Dbol 40 mg ed for first 30 days
12 week cycle.

Nolva and Clomid for gyno and PCT.

Now, I want to begin thinking about an early plan for my second cycle.
Pending this one ending and turning out great, I was thinking of doing something like this

Test Cyp
Deca stack
Dbol 40mg first 30 days.

Goals: Bulking yes but also i want lots of lean muscle this time. I would like to cut fat but also gain muscle.

Is Test Cyp + Deca twice a week good?

If that is the case, what should the doses look like? I am up in the air about the stack. I am sure I will prolly go 1.5 cc of test twice a week no matter what

And if not, what should I mix with my Test and what should the dosage be?


I dont know why people say “1.5cc test”, just say how many milligrams, sorry its a pet peeve.

Anyways, if your looking for lean gains, I would sub out the Deca for EQ, and sub the Dbol with Tbol. Just my opinion

I have heard EQ is very strong but without the Deca dick side effects. Any other side effects I should be aware of that may not be apparent?

Tbol, Ill have to do some research on that one. I am not familiar with it